Covington man arrested in alleged baseball bat attack

COVINGTON — Covington Police officers responded to a residence on Perry Alley around 12:30 a.m. Monday when a man called to say his roommate had been attacked.

Officers made contact with the man’s roommate who was limping and holding his left arm.

“The top part of his eye was swollen noticeably … his right eye was black and blue with signs of being hit with a blunt instrument. (He) had injuries to his hands, right and left side, left eye and face. Both legs showed injuries on the knees, upper and lower legs and inside thighs,” the CPD incident report states.

Although the man initially refused EMS care, he changed his mind and asked that they be called. He was able to tell officers who attacked him, but not why. He said a neighbor whose house backs up to his home had knocked on the door and when he told him he didn’t want any trouble, he pushed his way into the victim’s home, flicking a cigarette at his face The victim said he began walking back to his bedroom and when he got there, his assailant pushed him down on his knees and the only thing he could remember after that was getting hit from behind on both the left and right side. He remembered trying to get up off the floor, but was unsure when the attack stopped. He said he kept a baseball bat in his room by the closet door.

The roommate said he heard the commotion and looked into the bedroom and saw the victim on the floor with the perpetrator standing over him. The roommate said he retrieved a bat that he keeps in his room and tried to hit the assailant with it. The suspect then ran from the house.

After the victim arrived at Newton Medical Center, the doctor on duty in the emergency room notified police that it appeared the man’s injuries to his face and his fractured arm were caused by blunt force, possibly a baseball bat.

The victim’s bat was located in the front foyer and was taken into evidence.

Charles Cory Williams, 26, of 3172 Mill St.. was arrested and charged with battery, criminal trespass, aggravated assault, aggravated battery and public drunk.