Rockdale Medical Center introduces voice recognition software

The Rockdale Medical Center information technology and radiology departments recently implemented PowerScribe 360, a voice recognition software that has replaced the standard dictation of patient imaging results by a physician and report typing by a medical transcriptionist.

PowerScribe 360 allows radiologists to speak directly into the computer when interpreting the image results of an X-ray, MRI or CAT scan. Once completed, the computer types up the report and it is entered directly into the patient's electronic medical record within minutes.

By using PowerScribe 360 to dictate imaging results directly into patient records, higher levels of clinical accuracy are achieved, according to a RMC press release.

Additionally, physicians whose patients are seen in the Out Patient Imaging Center at Rockdale Medical Center, receive the results within minutes of the radiologist reading the images, a vast improvement over the usual 24 to 48 hours of processing time in the past, according to the release.

"The emergency department has commented on the ability to see and print reports quickly," said Ann Ottum, RMC director of radiology, in the release. "The system itself works well and our radiologists, as well as the ordering physicians, are very happy with the results."