Letter: Heartfelt thanks for prayers and support

Heartfelt thanks for prayers and support

The outpouring of love and support following the death of my wife, Barbara N. McCarthy, has been overwhelming.

We, to include her children and siblings, cannot adequately express our heartfelt gratitude for every person who has assisted and ministered to us. We have been blessed by so many. Our dear friends Kathy Fowler, Jessie Brown, Mary Ann Robinson, Ray and Beverly Allen (Pippins BBQ), Joyce Collins, Myrna Carpenter, Jimi Forward, and many others provided sustenance to us over a six-month period. Spiritual support and visits were provided by Father John Kieran of St. Pius X and the retired Revs. Orrin Morris, Mike Robertson and Pastor Joe LaGuardia of Trinity Baptist Church, as well as the retired Revs. Jim Martin and Waldo Woodcock.

It seems impossible to thank, in a timely manner, everyone who took care of details, attended the service celebrating Barbara's life, sent flowers and memorials, called and sent messages, cards and visits with us. May this begin our thanks to you. You have taught us what it means to console.

To those who were able to donate to The Relay for Life through Trinity Baptist Church, I want to report the results. Barbara's team membership raised more than $3,160 of the $8,560 donated so far. The original goal was $5,000. Your generosity for this fight against cancer is appreciated. Thank you!

We will always cherish your prayers and support. May God bless you all.

-- Fox McCarthy