JOHN PEARRELL: Bible is proof enough for the Creation account

Bible is proof enough for Creation account

Have you noticed the ridicule being leveled at Christians who believe in the Creation account?

I've seen cartoons on the funny pages making homeschoolers out to be utter fools. I've seen editorial cartoons drawn in such a way that it depicts people of faith as inbred morons who probably aren't smart enough to tie their shoes, and that's why they don't believe in evolution.

On a more serious note, we read about distinguished college professors who have lost their tenure and their jobs when they expressed any doubts regarding Darwinian evolution. In fact, as we garner more and more scientific information, we are in fact discovering more and more the implausibility of the Darwinian model, the prevailing model today being punctuated equilibrium theory rather than the gradual change of Darwin.

Those professors or scientists who express even a casual interest in intelligent design models are shunned, mocked and threatened with termination. So much for the open inquiry model that colleges and universities love to claim they follow; they're open as long as you agree with their accepted view, I guess.

Perhaps you will categorize me as simple and archaic, but if I really wanted to know something, for instance, about a particular campaign in World War II, I happen to believe that my best source of information would come from the soldiers who were on the ground in that campaign, not someone who was looking back trying to write a history about it.

When it comes to this area of beginnings, I have chosen to believe the account of the person there (Adam), rather than the scientists who weren't there, but are trying to explain what they think might have happened.

Naturally, I know that having made that last statement that some reading this will have concluded that I'm a simpleton. I mean, we know evolution is true. We have scientific proof.

First off, the problem is we don't have scientific proof for evolution; we have theories of evolution. Talk to the evolutionists themselves and you realize this.

Donald Johansson, the man who found the Lucy fossil which he declared to be the mother of all mankind, is challenged by evolutionist Richard Leaky III, who, looking at the same fossil, declared it to be the fossil of a monkey.

Two evolutionists looking at the exact same evidence came to entirely different conclusions; that's not scientific evidence, it is opinionated conjecture based on their own personal belief systems. As a matter of fact, I have startling news for you -- whenever we dig up any fossil, we are not digging up the past, we are digging up evidence that exists in the present and making guesses about what it may have represented in the past.

Know this: the only place the geological column is intact is in our textbooks. In the real world, you have complex creatures below many of the simplest creatures they are purported to have evolved from.

What we have in Genesis is the written account of the first man, Adam. Genesis 5:1 tells us that, "This is the written account of Adam." That is, everything from Genesis 1:1 to 5:1.

Maybe I am a simpleton, but I prefer to believe the account of the eyewitness who was there rather than the speculations of people who were not there.

Before you write me off as a hopeless kook, many scientists who are baffled by the mystery of the complexity of this life, and who have been honest enough to admit it, now are claiming that our Earth was "seeded" by extraterrestrial life from somewhere out in space.

Let me see if I have this right. I'm a kook for believing in an invisible God as the designer of our complex universe, but the scientist who believes life was seeded by an invisible alien no one has seen or since heard from is a genius?

You may be totally willing to stake your future on that belief, but me, I'm not. If there is a Creator and if the record we call the Bible is true, one day I will face Him and give an account of myself. If there is not a Creator and I am wrong, I really don't think I've lost anything, have I?

Dr. John Pearrell is pastor of Gateway Community Church in Covington. For more information, visit the Gateway website at www.gatewaycommunity.org.


realthog 2 years, 4 months ago

On a more serious note, we read about distinguished college professors who have lost their tenure and their jobs when they expressed any doubts regarding Darwinian evolution.

Could you offer a single example of this?


Billy 2 years, 4 months ago

I'm also convinced. Not necessary because of the creationism/darwinism debate, but because I know that JC is Lord. Anyone who truly wants to know will find out. To anyone who doesn't, it wouldn't make any difference if you produced JC on the spot. Believe what you want to believe; as for me, I believe in JC, anything that attempts to contradict that is wrong from the outset...


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