Piedmont Academy -- Honor Roll

Piedmont Academy

First Semester Honor Roll

Special Distinction (95 and above in all classes)

Fourth Grade: Cameron Mobley.

Fifth Grade: Nicole Edwards, Mari Jablonski and Loren Pope.

Sixth Grade: Lawton Harris and Gracie Hunt.

Seventh Grade: Alini Jablonski, Mikayla Rigsby and Jackson Waddleton.

Eighth Grade: Tyler Mills.

Eleventh Grade: Austin Bass, Halley Hedrick and Katie Odegaard.

Headmasters List (All A's)

Fourth Grade: Haley Ann Frank, Jacob Mathews, Savannah Mosley, Millie Smith and Sydney Stroud.

Fifth Grade: Emily Adamczyk, Jordan Camp, Mackensie Johnston, Kelsey Leach, Emily Mills, Zach Spivey and Eli Waits.

Sixth Grade: Madison McCart and Rylee Owens.

Seventh Grade: Ian Boyd, Grayson Bradley, Gracie Brittain, Kevin Davis, Ivy English, Sara Hammonds, Anne Marie Hildebrant and Morgan Spivey.

Eighth Grade: Wyatt Galloway and Michael Edwards.

Ninth Grade: Chris Cain.

Tenth Grade: Nick Adamszyk, Zach Beggs, Lean Boyd, Cameron Hallman, Luke Martin, Andrew Mitchell and Morgan Tillman.

Eleventh Grade: Britton Bailey, Jordon Blackmon, Savannah McGinnis, Zack Whitwell, Ashley Young.

Twelfth Grade: Carley Cain.

Honor Roll (All A's, no more than 2 B's)

Fourth Grade: Jordan Beam, Rebekah Hicks and Connor Keesee.

Fifth Grade: Gracie Black, Mallory Boyd, Mackenzie Rodgers and Payton Wallace.

Sixth Grade: Caden Clark, Cassidy Cook, Hailey Hooper, Mattie Johnston, Connor Olson, Deacon Robinson, Madison Sanders, Summer Strother and Lucy Tuggle.

Seventh Grade: Talon Anglin, Anna Knox, O'Neil Sealy and Jill Strickland.

Eighth Grade: Madison Burnham, Ashley Johnston, Morgan Johnston, Baylee Keesee, Cheyenne Miller, Grace Roberts and Will Tillman.

Ninth Grade: Chris Coogler, Morgan Leach and Taylor Swart.

Tenth Grade: Cheyenne Galloway, P.J. Leonetti, Marissa Mooneyham, JaDe' Padgett, Hank Strickland and Josh Williams.

Eleventh Grade: Katie Brennan, McKenzie Brittain, Lynne Marie Edwards, Jordan Hicks, Anna Jones, Emmie Kelly, Beth Anne Mahaffey and Morgan Rodgers.Twelfth Grade: Hailey Burnham, Audrey Cleary, Brittany Germany, Lanie King, Julia Clare Maloney, Brittnee Phillips, Samantha Ramsdell, Lucy Strickland, Kacy Swart, Caitlin Tillman, Emily Tweedell and Heather Tyler.