Newton Citizen Poll for April 28, 2013

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"I would personally like to thank the very inconsiderate person who ran into my car, a silver gray 2011 Chevrolet Impala, while it was parked in the Kroger parking lot in a handicapped parking space on April 17 between 9:30 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. (bright sunny day) and left without placing a note on my windshield. Your actions made me realize that here in Newton County there are some folks that have an "It's all about me" attitude and have yet to learn what is wrong or right. Also, it provided me with some insight into whoever you are. And (I would like to )share a little information with you. 1. You need to sharpen you driving skills, as you obviously cannot back out of an angled parking space without hitting the car next to you. Maybe you were just in a hurry or had a cellphone stuck in your ear before you started the car as you were attempting to make this basic driving maneuver. Guess this demonstrates that anyone in Georgia can get a driver's license without possessing or demonstrating any beginner driving skills. Or maybe yours was issued out of a Cracker Jack box. 2. Or, your insurance policy or drivers license has expired or been taken away and you and you didn't want to get caught. 3. My insurance will pay the $1,272 for the damage less the $250 deductible plus provide a rental car while mine is being repaired. But that doesn't mean you are off the hook. 4. Being the person I am, I will share with you with a couple of facts that you might not be aware of. Kroger does have parking lot security cameras and they produce great quality pictures, kinda' like watching HDTV. Secondly, the police officer did informed me that this 'hit & run' incident is indeed a felony and you can earn a little 'chill' time at the NCSO facilities on Alcovy Road so you can hang out with folks that you have something in common. Yep, there is an open case on you actions -- have a good day. Hope you read and understand this posting.

"I just wanted to congratulate the Newton County Fire Services, Georgia Power, Snapping Shoals, Beaver Manufacturing and others from the community in Mansfield due to Friday's tornado that came through that town."

"Why is there never any articles on Alcovy sports? The baseball team is 2nd in the region, 16-6 record! They have won 6 in a row and outscored their opponents 58-4 in that stretch. I will be canceling my subscription since this paper seems to so biased against Alcovy; there are a lot of positives at that school, not all negatives!"

(Editor's Note: Springtime is always the hardest time with one person trying to cover five sports at each of the three schools. With baseball, soccer, golf, tennis and track being played at the same time, the team that is playing the best may not get the coverage. A determination has to be made as to the importance of a game in determining the playoffs. It becomes even harder since region and state tournaments carry a higher weight while other sports are still trying to determine their region standings. Each coach had been told at the beginning of the season that they are free to send game information to the sports writer of each each paper in order to get maximum coverage for their sport. Some coaches have chosen to send information themselves while others have passed that responsibility to a parent or decided not to send anything at all. As certain teams are out of the playoff picture and other sports ending their season at the state level, our sports department will be able to devote more time to the teams that are left.)