Newton Citizen Poll for April 21, 2013

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"Thirteen applications for Alcovy High School? That should tell the Newton school board plenty. When you let a school run down to the ground no one wants to lead it and everyone leaves. I know teachers who are leaving there who have fall jobs in other counties and have not even told NCSS because their main plan is to just get out. Crime is high and the school is the worst in the county now for teacher morale. Newton BOE should have learned a lesson here -- you let something go bad so far so long there is almost no turning back. I would like to see this place a success, but, wow, is that going to take a house cleaning of most administrators there. Alcovy High School is the best argument for private schools I can think of. Why are some of these board members serving such long terms over and over and all they have to show for it is failure like this? Is that something to be proud of?"

"First, I want to send my prayers and best wishes to all those touched by the horrendous act of terrorism in Boston. It saddens me that because of this president and his administration and their 'political correctness,' very few of the leaders and top officials shown on television have mentioned the word prayer. What has happened to the people of our 'Nation Under God?' What an obvious difference in Americans' attitudes under President Bush, after 9-11 and now. Churches were crowded with people seeking God's blessing and help. I have to wonder how Obama thinks this tragedy will have closure with those responsible being brought to justice. Let's list his failures so far: Ft. Hood, the man responsible has refused to shave his beard causing a delay in the trial, this happened in Texas, a death penalty state, he should have already received his final punishment; Fast and Furious - we still can't get the information from Holder and the Department of Justice, even though it was subpoenaed by a special congressional panel; and finally the four Americans slaughtered in Benghazi, no closer to solving and apprehending those responsible, because of a massive coverup. Where is the justice for these horrific acts? Let's not forget that Obama refused to call Ft. Hood an act of terrorism. We must turn back to God before it is too late."

"People do read the Citizen Poll! Several weeks ago, I wrote about a car dealership with a beautiful new building here in Newton County. Unfortunately, their large American flag was in tatters and detracted from their business. Within a day or so, that flag was gone and now a new, beautiful American flag flies proudly from their flagpole. Thank you to the dealership for paying attention and thank you to the Citizen for making this comment section available. People do read the Citizen Poll!"

"The amount and severity of crime in Newton schools is alarming."

"Boston is a virtual war zone this morning with gun battles in the streets, wounded and dead, people locked in their homes, the city totally shut down. While Georgia and Massachusetts don't have much in common, we are all Americans, and today I am proud to call myself a Bostonian! We are with our fellow Americans in their time of need. We pray for the police, fire and all others fighting to find this terrorist. God bless all of you."