School Crime Report for April 19, 2013

The Newton County Sheriff's Office provides School Resource Officers to each high school and middle school in Newton County. The following is a list of reports filed by these officers that have been received by the Newton Citizen*:


-- A student reported to the NCSO resource officer on April 3 that her cell phone was stolen on March 29 while she was at school.

-- A 17-year-old student was arrested on April 15 and charged with weapons on school safety zone after his book bag was searched for drugs, but a pocket knife was found instead. AHS school administrators conducted the search. Dylan Cannon Johnson of 115 Rosewalk Drive was arrested and charged in the incident.


A student reported to the school resource officer on April 16 that his belongings were missing after gym class and he had been unable to locate them.


A teacher at the Head Start school, located at 25 Lovers Lane, notified the NCSO on April 10 that someone entered her classroom closet and stole her purse.


An air soft gun was located in a student bathroom behind one of the toilets on April 16. The principal turned the gun over to the NCSO. It is unknown who the gun belongs to or put it there.

* Other stories were published on Sunday, April 14, concerning an air soft gun on a Clements Middle School bus and today concerning a child molestation incident at Alcovy High School.


Thishonky 2 years, 7 months ago

I would work six jobs at a time to keep my kids out of Newton County School System. Taxpayers should be outraged as I am at the leadership failures.


Covingtonguy35 2 years, 7 months ago

Are you saying the misbehavior of students at school is a result of leadership failures within our school system?


John 2 years, 7 months ago

When a school system performs below the average of Georgia schools for an extended period of time (last 16 years that I'm aware of). That is no great accomplishment as Georgia schools are rated national right near the bottom (Mississippi & Lousiana bring up the rear). i would be willing to bet a dime to a donut that there are students in other systems that exhibit continual misbehavior & disrespect too! So I say dennisstay53 is "Spot On"


dennistay53 2 years, 7 months ago

At Covingtonguy35- I will answer your question- In this school system the answer is a big YES


TeacherMan 2 years, 7 months ago

It is leadership. I will tell you from the inside of Alcovy High School out. County rules are not followed. The assistant principals and counselors for the most part were hired or mired down with the last principal who was rarely in attendance and left early. The hiring has been horrible here and many of us yes are getting the heck out of here. The crime and graffiti is bad. In school suspension is more full than any other classroom. Parents are taking kids out of here at our urging. It may be a ship that has sailed for now unless the Board of Education who can hardly construct a correct sentence (have you watched the meetings on video and heard the massacre of the English language by our education officials?) has the guts to make hard choices. Most of them don't. So yes I would agree with dennistay53 it is leadership in Newton County. Mathews had no plans to leave in 3 years but is leaving. Rumor has it they won't even replace Dennis Carpenter's job so basically that shows the job was made up, artifical, and never needed anyway. The people at the bus barn do all that work. The choices for superintendent range from mediocre credentials to nepotistic if you research one to a community divider if you research the other one. AHS has the most awful student achievement data. The counseling staff basically has no clue as they ran off the quality counselors in the last 3 years. Take a look at the leadership team and counselors and grad coach and you will get a clue of what the focus has been at AHS for hiring and we are all sick of it. If the county thinks that the double digit resignations this month was a big deal wait until next month. Many of my colleagues have inked jobs in other counties in the state and out without telling a soul. The hiring in NCSS is a disaster and until you get hiring corrected the system will lose students as we are and more private schools will flourish and good for them! I would not send my own kid here and even "some" who always said they would have taken them out of AHS and they are now at EHS. Just this week teachers were hit. We are tired of the lack of support and the fake transparencey and when we leave the same old HR dept at NCSS can do their same old thing and give the taxpayers more failure.


1_player 2 years, 7 months ago

Wow! So now the leaders of the school system are responsible for teaching kids morals and respect. What are the parents' job then?


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