TERRI SHCLICHENMEYER: 'The Prom Book' offers advice on how to have a princess-perfect evening

You always wanted to be a princess.

Growing up, that's what you told people when they asked. You wanted to wear shiny, flowy dresses, drip with jewels, wear a crown on your head and delicate crystal slippers on your feet. You wanted to look beautiful, with a handsome prince to complete your ensemble.

And now you've got a chance to make that princess dream a reality -- but you want to do it right with no disasters. Which means you'll need "The Prom Book" by Lauren Metz by your side.

Pretty much since winter break was over, you've been looking forward to prom. You've probably also gathered ideas for what you want to do, which is the first step to having a perfect prom: plan now. Create a budget, confirm (or make) appointments for your hair and mani-pedi, and order your date's boutonniere. Organize all-in-one-place group-photo ops, so you and your friends aren't crazy-running from house to house for pre-prom pictures.

Chances are, you've already got your dress and you love it. You'll love it even more if you try it on with the underwear and bra you intend to wear on prom night, so there won't be any wardrobe issues. Also, break in your new shoes: wear them, and also rub them lightly on the bottom with sandpaper, so you won't slip on the dance floor.

Because you want to look gorgeous on prom night, be super-vigilant about your skin care routine. Practice your make-up ahead of time, moisturize and get plenty of sleep. And if a zit surprises you at the last second, don't mess with it. "The Prom Book" has expert tips on make-up and skin problems so you glow all night.

On T-Minus Prom Day, try to relax. Eat light, never stuff yourself and drink lots of water. Double-check the emergency kit you need in your purse (instructions in this book), and stash away the money and phone numbers you'll need for the evening.

Then, expect the unexpected, breathe deep and don't panic about the little things. Take lots of pictures to swap and share. And know how to stay sane, serene and safe.

How long have you been dreaming about prom? If you're like most teens, you've thought about it non-stop since Christmas. You want everything to be as perfect as possible, so minimize disasters and avoid last-minute rushes by reading "The Prom Book" first.

As someone who attended three senior proms in the same week, author and former Seventeen staffer Lauren Metz is obviously qualified to give advice on making your prom experience run smoothly. She does it with hints of her own, as well as tips from other experts and teen prom-goers and -- very helpfully -- she also includes budget-conscious ideas for frugal fashionistas.

I also liked that there's plenty of room in this book for note-taking, scrapbooking, and planning for next year.

So pick out your prince, grab your gorgeous gown, and find this handy little keepsake book. For a magical night you'll remember forever, "The Prom Book" is princess-perfect.

"The Prom Book," by Lauren Metz, copyright 2012 by Zest Books, is 160 pages and sells for $16.99.

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