Inexperience did not factor in Banks decision

COVINGTON -- One of the things Newton's new head coach Terrance Banks brings to the table is enthusiasm and a belief in himself.

Banks beat out 35 other applicants, many of whom had prior head coaching experience. But what set him apart from the others was his ability to sell himself and his vision for Newton football.

"I've always believed that every road has to begin somewhere and it has to end somewhere. No head coach started as a head coach. With that being said, just the things that he spoke to us about, we felt pretty good and pretty confident in the direction that he talked about," Newton athletic director Tracey Curtis said. "The thing that makes Dr. (Craig) Lockhart and myself and coach (Stephen) Spruells feel better is that neither one of us actually chose him. That's such a large job that I would never want to chose a football coach by myself. It was done by committee. We had the booster club parents on the committee so it's not like Dr. Lockhart chose this person."

"Coach Banks is highly intelligent and the level of passion that he demonstrated in our interview process sold not only me but also the athletic support here and our booster club," Lockhart said. "Everybody in the room could tell that he's the person to build a program that can go to the next level at Newton High School."

There is no question that the Rams may have a new leader that has the support of the administration, athletic department and the booster club. Now comes the hard part, finding highly qualified people to help Banks fulfill his dream.

"We're in the process of trying to help him get the group that he needs to be successful. One thing for a football program to work is to get the coach the right people with him. We're doing everything in our power to support him in that endeavor," Lockhart said.

While Banks has met with the booster club leadership and a few players, he is going to meet with all interested parents tonight at 7 p.m. in the Newton High School gym to hear about his plans to move the program to the next level.