Letter: Irresponsibility is a way of life for some

There was a time when, if a person did something, acceptance of the responsibility for that something was a given. Except in unusual circumstances, there was nobody to bail a person out of the jams they got themselves into.

But no more! Irresponsibility has become a way of life for millions of Americans. Do something and there is no fear of having to suffer the consequences. And, of all things, the government in Washington is encouraging and paying people to be irresponsible.

What greater encouragement can come from Washington than the message to millions: "We will take care of you if you do absolutely nothing." This message has been loud and clear, and it has not been misunderstood. It has filtered down to all rungs of society.

This accounts for the cheating scandal in the Atlanta schools, where teachers and others changed the answers on test sheets for students who had not done the work to pass. They erased student errors and gave them passing grades, and the students left school unprepared for whatever was next. But then there was the aid from Washington that would enable them to pay for higher education. And then, if they failed there, they could sign up for welfare and money from other programs politicians dreamed up. Again from Washington: "If you are a failure, we will still send you money." With the backup of free money from the government check, why should a person bust his butt to do anything?

Then there is the matter of participating in the creation of human life. Out of Washington comes the message, "Do all of that you want to do, and you will have to pay none of the bills. And, you guys, if you will move out of the house and abandon the mother and child, we will send a monthly check to the mother. But, if you stay in the house, there will be no money for the mother or the child." How useless can a person become than to not take care of children he has fathered?

Then there is the matter of the federal budget. Or should we say, "What budget?" There has been none for the past few years. When there is no budget, there are no guidelines regarding how much money can be spent, and people do their own thing without proper guidelines. And, look who took biggest advantage of this: the president of the United States, who became the biggest spender in the history of our nation. There was no one with the courage to say, "Stop, you can't do this," and, coupled with the disastrous housing debacle, has brought about a decline of 35 to 40 percent in the value of the dollar. How irresponsible can this be? Of course, we need to understand that this process has solidified the group of people groveling at the feet of liberal politicians, thus assuring votes for the next election.

We should mention the immigration mess. It is a failure of the highest order, and this can be laid at the feet of people we elected and sent to Washington to represent us.

We could go on and on elaborating about the mess in Washington, but the writing would be almost endless. If it were not for the fact that what politicians have done is so sad and destructive, it would be comical to see them labor so long and hard and come up with programs which are worse than if they had done nothing. Many things they do are destructive to the American way of life, the best life that has ever appeared on Earth. But that has been the skill of those who occupy Congress and the White House for a long time.

The politicians in Washington present a great picture of irresponsibility, and many Americans stand with and cheer them on.

-- Roger Bolton