Sept. 30 Newton Citizen Poll

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"I have to agree with the comments made by a local citizen that was published in your newspaper, front page, Thursday, Sept. 20 in that the BOE should not have allowed Mr. Hall's comments. Mr. Meadors should be allowed to print the truth, we have enough lies coming out of Washington. Maybe we need to be more selective in our local leadership. Your two articles on front page, Sept. 20 were not completed and states 'see BOE, page 4A and Comments Page 4A,' but not found. I am now wondering if the Citizen is covering up for Hall's ... and Barge's comments."

Editor's note: Due to a production error, the stories that appeared on the front page on Sept. 20 were not published in their entirety. The complete articles were published on Sept. 21.

"A suggestion to the city of Covington road department. :Please consider raising the manhole at the intersection of Usher and Brown streets to be level with the roadway. Cars traveling west on Usher, turning right onto Brown (from towards the Covington News office) usually, swing over to the far left lane to avoid this hole. Also consider lining Brown Street starting from Clark so that everyone will realize that it actually is a two-lane, one-way street. This is a heavily travelled street since it takes us to the entrance to the post office. Thanks."

"I am liberal about most things and I consider myself a law-abiding citizen but the lady from Douglasville who is making an issue about her right to breast feed her son really has me pumped. Seems she is seeking media attention as well as money from Applebee's over this issue. As I have been informed through the media the lady has admitted that she was not covered with anything and although this may be disputed, the manager gave her choices, one being to cover herself. One article states that Ms. Holland at some point told the manager that if she thought that she was breaking the law that she could call the police. So why is she in her words 'extremely embarrassed and humiliated.' She showed herself, then invited the manager to call the police and in fact did so herself. She wasn't too embarrassed to contact Fox5 and appear on TV. Women have been breast-feeding children for longer than my 57 years but only the ignorant would do it in public without showing some modesty. My my my."

"On 09/11 public safety officers across the United States gave pause to reflect and exchanged our personal thoughts and feelings about the tragic events that occurred 11 years ago. We as Newton County public safety officers talked among ourselves and expressed our common need to serve the public out of a sense of duty. How we all feel the need to help others. How we very much want to make a difference in other peoples lives during a time of crisis. How we all want to serve the greater good and to help our friends and neighbors. As the discussion continued the group began to focus on what has happened to us as individuals and as public safety officers working for Newton County. How choosing to work for Newton County over other opportunities in other departments has affected us as individuals, as employees, as husbands and as fathers providing for our families. We discussed how it was obvious that our colleagues in surrounding counties/cities have not suffered the cuts Newton County employees have had to shoulder. Other county commissioners and city councils did not shift 100 percent of the financial burden onto their employees as Newton County commissioners chose to do. How our careers and families are suffering while our colleagues' careers are advancing and doing well. As far as we could tell the new Newton County manager, John Middleton, along with the Newton County commissioners either did not know or did not care what day it was. You know what was on the front page of the 9/11 Newton Citizen? It was a large picture with the title 'Paving The Way, and it showed concrete being laid for a new walking trail, most of which is in the city of Covington. Tens and tens of thousands of dollars were paid out by Newton County commissioners for this new walking trail, while at the same time firefighters and deputy sheriff's are suffering pay cuts. How can you commissioners look us in the face and talk about how much you value us, how there is such of a huge budget crunch you just have to cut our pay and benefits, while at the same time you spend tens and tens of thousands on a walking trail? We heard your words, but we see your actions. We see just how much you care about county workers as a whole, we see it right on the front page of the Newton Citizen."

"Today's Newton Citizen's front page article of: 'Newton students still below state, nation on SAT.' Question? Why is this? Who should be held responsible? Should heads roll? From the top down? Why aren't the students being taught correctly? Why aren't the students and their parents being held accountable to see that assignments and homework is completed and turned in on time? Why aren't school principals and vice principals more involved in seeing to it lessons are taught properly and work is completed satisfactorily.'When someone doesn't do their job -- then we must let them go' - Clint Eastwood."---

"I think the Hercules Habitat on Alcovy Road may have been a good idea 20 years ago but with the growth of the county it's time to either get rid of the habitat altogether or at the least minimize the size. Deer are a major problem not just on Alcovy between Turner Street and Agnew Way but Herring Street and I-20 as well. I had a fawn run into the side of my car after taking evasive action on Alcovy early one morning and 11 days later I'm driving the same road and three full-grown deer are grazing on the side of the road. Just before I approached them a city of Covington Police vehicle had just U-turned near Fiber Vision and went past the same area; fortunately, they didn't bolt or it could have been an unfortunate accident. This is an accident that is waiting to happen."

"I am glad to see that Jeff Meadors is still writing his column, which is always informative and intelligently written ... one of the better columns in the paper. I was happy to see the public reaction to Hunter Hall's inappropriate speech at the Board of Education meeting, and the board's subsequent, inappropriate reaction and disregard fro their own rules. Do these people know or realize that anyone moving here will go online and figure out that the schools have a problem. Maybe the problem is the school board?"

"I moved out of Covington three years ago because of crime in my neighborhood. I have an elderly father, an elderly aunt and an elderly first cousin still living in Covington. All of them bought houses in nice neighborhoods in the 1950s. All three of the neighborhoods are now high crime and drug infested areas. None of these three relatives will go out at night and two of them keep guns on them at all times. All have been victims of numerous crimes. It is a shame that when you get elderly you have to live to under those conditions. I was able to move out because of crime. They are old and their houses have now become valueless. The disgusting thing is that all of us have been victims of dozens of crimes in Covington and none were solved. And no one was ever arrested. Before long, entire Covington will be a crime- and drug-infested city."


HeWhoKnowsAll 3 years, 2 months ago

Look here, Mr. or Mrs. Newton County Public Safety Officer. Apparently, you haven't done your homework when you start beating your gums about Newton County being the only Law Enforcement agency to suffer cuts, suffer financial burdens and surrounding colleagues advancing and doing well?! The only agencies that have not suffered as much economic pain in this mess are the agencies that have strong AND smart leadership, smart enough to have rainy day budgets and not run out and spend every dime that they take in, and have employees that don't sit around whinning about "woe is us, poor pitiful us" and they get up and get productive! So, with that said, if you haven't been laid off yet, I'd be thankful you still had a job and go get productive!


huckfinsbuddy 3 years, 2 months ago

Thanks to the person who wrote about the library and county employes the library is one of the most used public places we have we need to keep them fully staffed and available --we always have money for pet projects and our buddies. We have an election coming choose well or suffer more of this old buddy politics .


Duster 3 years, 2 months ago

To the one that moved out of Covington. I am sorry you had to move. I am a lifetime res of Newton County. As was my father, grandfather, and so on. I too am contemplating moving out of this County. It is awful that we must live this way. But the liberal since of equality is so mixed up. The influx of crime is a direct reaction to the inaction by the law makers we put in place. We give the criminal more rights than the law abiding citizens. This is not what the constitution states to do. This is not what the bible states to do, and to keep all of the atheist and other non-Christian religions happy, this is not what nature states to do. But for some reason, (voting numbers) our elected officials would rather have crime ridden neighborhoods and trailer parks. We don’t only need to clean up the streets, We need to clean up the public offices that politicians pander there tax payer funded programs.


comensense1234 3 years, 1 month ago

What do you mean by getting productive? let me guess harass drivers and write citation's for minor traffic infraction, and stack traffic the court 50 to 70 people on court date like Porterdale? The Deputies I know work 12 hr shifts, often have 4 to 5 detailed reports that have to be completed, then have to appear in court often on their off days for comp time pay, Have to deal with Juveniles like you wouldnt believe, which require large amounts of, you guessed it paperwork and court time. Answer thousands of falls alarms. Endure few if any paid holidays, increasing health care cost, and no increase in pay for over four years. The Sheriff is doing the best he can with what he has to work with. In my opinion the employees have a right to be alittle disgruntled. The citizens complained to the Sheriff about the speeders on Almon road, a push to lower the limit was done, now you people complain about the Deputy writing you a citiation for speeding. So give this department a break your neve going to be happy no matter who the Sheriff is. Just call if you need law enforcement, just understand they cant solve all of your petty issues. Sounds to me the Deputies are staying PRODUCTIVE.


HeWhoKnowsAll 3 years, 1 month ago

What I mean is going about doing the job you were hired to do and earning the money that the company has agreed to pay you. That's all. Same as any other employer. Doesn't matter if it's writing tickets or serving warrants or working a chain-gang detail, get productive! I'm sorry you had to struggle through his comment, kids. I can't stress it enough, STAY IN SCHOOL!!


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