On the Beat: Officer, there's been a tragic accident

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.Officer, there's been a tragic accidentA man called 911 and asked to see a deputy at his home. When the deputy arrived, the man told him he had been hiding his prescription drugs in the broiler section of his oven when tragedy struck. Unaware that the medication was there, his wife turned on the oven and melted the bottles of medicine. No arrest was made.Two fraudsA man called 911 to report a fraud. When deputies arrived at his home, the man complained that his girlfriend filled out tax returns in his name and had received a refund from the IRS. He said he didn't file a tax return.Nothing but the truthA deputy reported that during routine patrol, he got behind a motorcycle. He noticed that the motorcycle swerved several times over the solid yellow line, so he conducted a traffic stop. As the deputy talked with the driver, he voluntarily stated that he was too intoxicated to be driving.Shoplifting capersA man shoplifted two rain suits from Walmart, but he got wet anyway when he tried to get away from police. He ran from the store and a Covington Police Department officer found him in the woods, hiding under a bank in a creek. He was arrested and taken back to the store where a cohort had also been arrested for stealing a car battery and a bag of dog food. Both men went to jail.

-- A woman was arrested at Walmart for shoplifting a breast pump and a car battery.

-- A woman was caught putting items in her purse that belonged to the Family Dollar Store. She took the items out of her purse and put them back on the counter, telling employees she hadn't made up her mind how much of the stuff to keep. She then decided to put everything back and said she didn't want any of it. As she exited the store, the employees noticed the bright yellow flip-flops she had on -- the price tag string was still hanging from the flip-flops and the shoes were identified as store merchandise. The woman claimed she did not know how they were put on her feet. She went to jail.

-- A man was observed putting "several" items down his pants and in his pockets at Walmart. The CPD was called and officers had to Taser the man twice before he would give up and submit to arrest. Here's what they found on him: a battery from a laptop PC; two pairs of panties; a T-shirt; a man's shirt; two watches; and assorted CDs, totaling $509.04. He was banned from Walmart and arrested for felony shoplifting.

-- This Walmart shoplifter managed to try to get away with even more items, but came in just under the grand total of the man above. This man, wearing blue jeans and a gray shirt, was apparently getting ready for some serious cooking. In addition to assorted clothing, he took a tea kettle, serving dish, kitchen faucet, 45-piece Tuscany serving set, a sauce ladle, a pastry server, burner covers, salad spoon, server spoon, slotted turner, slotted spoon, pasta scoop, basting spoon, reciprocating saw, crock, lock tongs, serving tongs, whisk, ladle and a few other unidentifiable kitchen items. His total take amounted to $458.Wasn't meA man reported to the NCSO to say he had learned about a month ago that his brother had used his name to receive medical treatment in Florida. He said a hospital billing department there told him he'd have to file a police report if he wanted the bills to stop coming to him.Not much luxuryA woman called the NCSO to say that her friend had somehow pawned the title to her Lexus. She said she had received $450 for the title.Not fair!A man called the NCSO to say that his house was burglarized while he was in jail.How lazy is too lazy?A young man was stopped by an NCSO deputy for blowing through a stop sign. When asked for his license, the 16-year-old told the deputy he didn't have one because he was "too lazy to get his drivers license." When his name was run through the computer, sure enough, it came back that he only possessed a Georgia ID. He went to jail and his daddy came and picked up his car.Too close for comfortDeputies were called to break up a fight between neighbors. Each one complained that the other was cussing, not cutting grass and their children were misbehaving. Deputies reported that the two families lived no more than 10 feet from each other.UngratefulA mother called the NCSO to say that when she picked her daughter up from the hospital she was intoxicated and disrespectful.How'd that happen?A woman called the NCSO to say that $7,800 in fraudulent charges had been made to her credit card. She said somehow a person she had "met" online had used her credit card and withdrawn money without her permission.

-- A woman came to NCSO headquarters to report that someone had charged six Six Flags Over Georgia tickets to her credit card in the amount of $284.57 without her permission.

-- A woman called the NCSO to complain that three Leyland cypress trees she planted in her front yard were missing. She also told them by a strange coincidence there were three newly planted Leyland cypress trees in front of a nearby residence. Deputies left to solve the mystery.Worth a shotA man was stopped for speeding by an NCSO deputy and as the officer was questioning him, he got out of his vehicle. While waiting for information on the individual to come back from the computer, the man began doing a dance. The deputy asked him what he was doing, and he said, "Oh, you must not be a Mason." The deputy said he wasn't. The information came back that the man's license was suspended and there was a Conyers warrant out for him. The "Mason" went to jail.Don't walk dogs in your nightieNCSO deputies were called to a fight in a mobile home park, and when officers arrived, they immediately spotted a woman in a pink robe with blood on her face. She told them that another woman was taking pictures of her and told her to come over to where she was. She thought the woman was going to hug her, but she "sucker punched" her instead. She said she refused to fight back. When the other woman was questioned, she said she was taking photos of her because management had warned her about walking her dogs in her nightgown and robe and, besides that, she was walking the dogs without leashes. This woman was also suffering from facial contusions. A witness stated the first woman came into the second woman's yard and attacked her. The second woman fought back to defend herself. So, the lady in the pink robe went to jail.Who ya gonna sue?Deputies were called to Newton Medical Center to take a report from a man who advised that his dog scratched him.Guvmit phonesA woman called the NCSO to report her grandson's wife had taken her "government phone" to visit the grandson in the Putnam County Jail. While the deputy was there, the grandmother used "the phone she pays for" to contact the granddaughter and tell her to bring the "government phone" home. The granddaughter said she uses the "government phone" all the time and she got confused and put it in her purse. She said she would bring the "government phone" back that day.Garden sabotageA woman called the NCSO to complain her entire garden had been damaged as a result of her neighbor coming over and taking his plant cages back. She had borrowed them, but a squabble had developed when he wanted them back. She demanded a report be filed because he came onto her property while she was gone and damaged her vegetables.Don't do me any favorsA man called the NCSO to complain that his neighbor cut his grass.

-- In another case of unwanted yard work, a business owner complained to the CPD that someone had weeded her flower bed and raked up some leaves.