Newton Citizen Poll for Sept. 23, 2012

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"So, Hunter Hall wants to sugar coat the state of Newton County schools in order to recruit more business to the county. The bottom line is that Newton County schools score below state and national averages at all levels and over 80 percent of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch. The excuse of comparing us with Walton, Jasper and Morgan counties as being unfair is b.s. The premise of No Child Left Behind is that all children can learn so demographics shouldn't matter. Professional people are exiting the county in large numbers or else their children are in private school, home schooled or at the theme (private) school. Does the Chamber or school system have a count as to how many Newton County students are in private school or are home schooled? The overriding problem in the public schools is a lack of discipline and the lack of any attempt to instill it. There is no back up from administrators for teachers dealing with discipline issues. Cheating on tests using cell phones and other electronics is widespread -- cell phones are supposed to be turned off during school time but this is not enforced because administration won't back the teachers. Fighting or bullying are out of control. The school system has dummied down to accommodate slow learners having few options for children who want to learn. Why would any parent who cares about education want to move to this county and put their child in the public schools? Once parents defect from the school system, they take with them any support for the system. I don't know Mr. Meadors but I think he is trying to elicit public support for improving the Newton County schools before they sink completely into the black hole that has swallowed DeKalb and Clayton counties. Here is a novel approach: from the time a child enters the school system the expectation will be good behavior and respect for all. The parents and child will know precisely what is to be expected and what the punishment will be for any infraction. Swift and meaningful, age appropriate, punishment will be handed out. If the parents don't cooperate, they should be required to attend parenting classes (which they will have to pay for) or else lose their government benefits or face a fine. At the upper grades, hire retired drill instructors to oversee discipline. The rules will be the same for all races, genders and economic classes. It may take a couple of generations, but the schools will improve. Gee, sounds like the olden days, doesn't it?

"The Old Man has been watching for the new shows to come on TV for the past year. At one time there were some great comedies without sex, smut or swearing. Lately all I have been seeing that is new are blood and guts. Seems like the gorier the better. Usually you have lawmen that are good and bad. Seems like they do things that if our police or undercover people did these things they would be called up on the carpet. Then they are always showing how the CIA, the FBI and all the other federal organizations do not get along, do not share information and many times there is corruption in all the organizations. I wonder if this is true? I always try to give new shows at least one or two weeks but usually they turn me off so I turn them off. The movies aren't much different. Occasionally there will be a Disney show that gets loud acclamations or Pixar or some other animated show but usually the ones I hear about back in the early days, they would be signed with a letter X. It is what the adult film shows called soft porn. It may be quite possible that the pendulum may swing the other way one of these days. The trouble is it usually goes past dead center. I have been told what a Kardashian is so now I want to know what is a Snooki and a jWoww?"

"This is just my opinion about the breast-feeding at a local restaurant and some pollsters may or may not agree. From what I read and heard on TV the mom knew she would be dining at child's feeding time. My family member also breast-fed my grandchild but also used a breast pump so she could work and the baby would still have mother's milk. The child is 20 months old I read, and to me a bottle of mother's milk on occasions such as this would be as nourishing as breast-feeding. As I said, this is only my opinion."

"Isn't it great that the Muslims are so peace-loving? Don't you love the outcries and condemnation of the horrendous attacks on the American Embassy in Cairo and the subsequent assault and slaughter of the American ambassador, his assistant and two Navy Seals, in the American Consulate in Libya? Not one word from any Muslim Imam living here in the United States and enjoying all we have to offer. ... The unrest and rioting in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world by Muslims should make it very clear who true Americans should vote for on Nov. 6, 2012. Pray, then vote. God Bless America."

"It is a shame that the city of Covington spent so much money to make bike lanes on Floyd Street only to have homeowners use it for their yard debris and trash. Please be considerate of those of us that like to ride."


John 1 year, 12 months ago

The majority of the people I've seen use the "bike lanes" on Floyd street are walkers, joggers & runners some even with strollers and I do drive on Floyd St. no less than twice per day. Not much of a demonstration of support for the infamous Rails to Trails but another exhibit of unnecessary spending. I seem to recall an article a few month back stating that Flyod street residents are to deposit their yard debris on their lawn or easement next to the curb - hmmm!


Chambermaid 1 year, 12 months ago

Well I can see why Alcovy high has problems, why has happened to the counseling at this school? I was at the counseling meeting for seniors last night and I couldn't understand one thing coming out of thier mouths my husband was so mad at what has happened at this school he made us get up and leave.


Covingtonian 1 year, 12 months ago

Me think rather than spouting off in this paper, you need to talk with your husband if he in fact "made you get up and leave".


KimberlyD 1 year, 12 months ago

The man was just leading his family not FORCING her or ABUSING her. My husband probably wouldve done the same unless I insisted on staying.... Her choice of using the word "made" was more likely "encouraged."


amp72 1 year, 12 months ago

Once again, ignore the true problem and deflect it toward something else. You're pathetic. There is a problem with the counseling dept at the school. Everyone knows it. No one does a thing about it. THAT is the problem. But as always, you change the subject.


Covingtonian 1 year, 11 months ago

I have nothing but love for you too Amp72, Is the pic current? I like your hat.


amp72 1 year, 11 months ago

I would comment on your hat but your head is too far down in the sand to see it. Or your head is up somewhere else (which is more likely).


Henrycounselor 1 year, 12 months ago

This is Henry. The cheerleading at this school had gone to heck it has gotten very sexual and sickening. Who is in charge of this school and letting it ghetto.


CBSfinder 1 year, 12 months ago

Who is going to be our principal on November?


Watermelonlover 1 year, 12 months ago

I just learned that there were food fights yesterday at Alcovy.


Satan69 1 year, 12 months ago

I don't understand the management at Alcovy High or maybe I do maybe the principal needs to spend less time suing people she hates and minding the store.  My daugther has first lunch and was almost hit by a thick glass bottle one of them Arizona tea bottles yesterday when a food fight broke out.  Mr. Superintendent, what is going to have to happen before you do something about Alcovy High.


JoanD 1 year, 12 months ago

@henry I know what your saying I think that it's a shame that now just because there is now a different administrator or administrators that the girls are aloud to pop lock and drop it that is a little to vulgar don't you think. It needs to be toned down just a little this isn't the Atlanta falcons cheer leading squad they a young girls. So can someone please do something about this.


Tairuna 1 year, 12 months ago

This lawsuit keeps going and the peeps keep dying we are 3 and 0 right now. Oops I just got by an Arizona tea bottle.


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