Community support is urged for Covington's homeless shelter

COVINGTON -- The Rev. Clara Lett is reminding the community that October is Homelessness Awareness Month, a time set aside to promote education and action to end homelessness.

She is using this time to schedule several fund-raising activities and appeal to the community for assistance for the the Garden of Gethsemane Homeless Shelter at 7133 Turner Lake Circle.

She said many churches have agreed to set aside one Sunday during the month to take up a special offering for the homeless, and each weekend in October, there will be a fund-raising festival with games, food and other activities at the shelter on Turner Lake Circle.

"We're really in need of funds right now," Lett said, adding that utilities seem to be her biggest challenge.

The bill for August was $8,000, despite the fact that the city of Covington lowered her electric rates from commercial to residential.

"I am so thankful and we are blessed to have the rate lowered from commercial to residential," she said.

Lett said she would invite the community to stop by and participate at one of the festival events, and if anyone would like to make a contribution, they can send it to the Turner Lake Circle address at Covington, GA 30014. Also material donations are gratefully accepted -- any type of paper products and food items will certainly be used.

She said the shelter is often full with 68 guests. She said this week, a woman came in with six children and she heard that a Conyers ministry was called upon to help a woman with 10 children.

"It used to be worse in the winter, but with the economy the way it is, now it's year-round," she said.

Also, Lett said if there's anybody interested in becoming a grant writer for the shelter, she would love to speak with them. The former grant writer's husband was transferred out of the city, so they urgently need a replacement.

"Everybody is trying to find ways to keep the doors open and keep costs down, but we're almost to the point where we can't cut anymore," Lett said.

For more information or to offer assistance, call Lett at 770-787-8519.


jwm1955 2 years, 11 months ago

I appreciate the work that Clara has done for our surrounding counties for the homeless, if it was not for the shelter people would not have no place to go. We all need to put all disputes to the side and support the homeless shelter. The cost of a six pack of beer can help pay to feed 3 people at the homeless shelter, I ask everyone who can to give to the homeless shelter it is tax deductable and besides that you will be doing God's work.


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