NHS to showcase school at event

COVINGTON -- Newton High School students will showcase its school this week.

The school is presenting a special event, Gallery Night at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the school, which is located at 140 Ram Drive in Covington.

At the event, students will perform rigorous performance tasks to feature the school's instructional best practices. School administration and faculty will be present at the event.

Also, student work will be displayed.

It also will feature NHS clubs and chorus students and the school's Sound Factory Marching Band.-- Staff Reports


Yallneedprozac 2 years ago

They are baking up some good pot brownies at the worst high school and the next worst is trying to get up in heah with some vodka and bloody nosed administrators wonder when Gary Matthews is announcing his exit he is surely on "coast"


LOVINGLIFE 2 years ago

The schools can only take what the parents give them . Its the parents , or most likely the baby mama or the baby daddy fault for not knowing what the hell is going " where they be staying at". The only thing the schools are doing wrong is not calling Ezell Brown every day to request a drug dog to sniff the place out. Yes Eastside too. Stop making comments without thinking . It makes you sound ignorant


will 1 year, 12 months ago

They should send in the K-9 team and start with the BOE then the school Admin. then the teachers parking lot and then the student parking lot then every person in or on school property. Do not be dumb enough to think its just the students.


LOVINGLIFE 1 year, 12 months ago

Will , You sure do make some dumb comments sometimes. You make yourself sound like a fool.


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