Letter: Vote on Congress's job non-performance

On Monday morning's news program I heard that both houses of Congress were planning to adjourn and head for home to raise money, campaign and other such political activities; this after a very short time back from their September recess. They did nothing while in Washington. The Post Office is broke and offered a plan to get back to operating in the black. But Congress said "no," and as yet has offered no plan or funding to resolve the Post Office's problem. They have not acted on a budget. But then that is nothing new; they have not passed a budget in three years. They passed another spending bill to fund the government a short while longer. They just keep passing funding resolutions to pay for the federal government to operate, spend money and go deeper in debt. Our national debt now exceeds $16 trillion. Yes, that is trillion with a T, which stands for Trouble.

Given the current spending plans for the federal government into next year, they will need to be sure to include in their budget or multiple spending bills over $60 billion (yes, that is billion with a B.) just to pay the interest on the national debt. Nothing toward the principal, just the interest only as another year of borrowing continues.

We have a national problem, a financial mess that has been kicked down the road now for years. The mess continues to get worse each year, but the folks we send to Washington have done nothing to even begin to address the problem. Now they have left the job, taking more time off, just as they have been doing for the last several terms of office. If you were running this business and these were some of your employees, would you continue to pay these folks? You know the country has problems. They know the country has problems (at least they say they do), but they have not even begun to address the problems except talk, talk, complain, blame and do nothing.

If these folks worked for me they would be gone tomorrow. Take time off when there is a mountain of work to do? Not on my dollar! How about you? Are you going to continue to pay these folks those nice salaries with all those nice benefits based on their job performance this far? Contract renewal is coming up in November and term limits are real. They are called elections and you decide if their performance on the job is worth another two to six years. Think on it before you vote. Remember, these folks are supposed to be working for us.

John Hooper