Newton Citizen Poll for Sept. 16. 2012

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"Is it just me, or does anyone else get the feeling that a certain commenter has at least a dozen user names, and the numbers keep growing? She should just consolidate herself and call herself Sybil."

"Just saw the news about radical Muslims attacking a U.S. embassy over some movie. Those people in the Middle East are basically cave men. We have to do something about them controlling our oil. We need to drill here in America and we need a strong technology push for viable options to the gasoline engine. We have to do it now. Those nut cases will destroy the world if they get enough money to buy nukes."

"There's no question about it; what occurred on Sept. 11, 2001, was a horribly tragic event and I applaud heartily all that has been done to honor those who died that day, with one exception. And that is the memorial that is under construction at the site of the tragedy. What a waste of millions of dollars for a monument, which in reality, honors the terrorists instead of the victims. The twin towers were an integral part of the skyline of New York City, much as has been the Empire State Building. What should have been done immediately after the devastation, was to rebuild the towers exactly as they were. Failing to do so showed a gross lack of leadership on the part of government at national, state and local levels. The immediate reaction to most major disasters that occur in this country is to rebuild. Erecting a monument on that site encourages every terrorist sympathizer in the world to say, 'Look what we did.' What would have honored the fallen more, would have been to rebuild the towers and adorn them with memorial plaques, so that future generations would be made aware of their sacrifices and the evils of our opponents."

"I hope that Jeff Meadors will continue to write his NPC (Non-Politically Correct) column. We need the true facts/figures, not political hyperbole. How much money did the NCSO save while the sheriff and 10 deputies were working for the Democratic National Committee in Charlotte? Surely their salaries did not come out of our budget while they were working for the DNC!"

“I support the efforts of Jeff Meadors at the school board to expose problems so that they can be corrected. Chamber President Hunter Hall’s visit to the board meeting and his comments were unprofessional and out of line. Silencing Jeff Meadors is not the way to solve the many problems in our school system. The way to solve them is to first acknowledge them and then work together to solve them. Attacking the messenger has never worked, Hunter Hall should have known that. I think it’s time for Hunter Hall to be on his way. Meanwhile, board Chairman Eddie Johnson should be reprimanded for his handling of the situation. Allowing Hall twice the normal time to personally attack a board member violates two of their rules on time (5 minutes to talk) and no personal attacks on board members. Shame on him for his ignorance of the rules or choosing to ignore them. …”

"Now would be a perfect time to have a third party choice. With both of the candidates for the nation's highest office working hard to discredit themselves, I believe Mickey Mouse as president and Goofy as VP would win in a landslide. Mick and Goof have great name recognition and would not need to spend millions promising things that Congress would ignore when elected. We must figure out a way to stop sending the same political hacks to govern the country and send to Congress people that understand how to spend our tax money wisely. We have in Congress people that actually sign a pledge not to raise taxes by a dollar -- ever. Even I, retired and living on Social Security understand adjustments need to be made to take care of changing needs. The main thing is to govern for the good of the whole country not just to get re-elected. We could call our third party 'I'm tired as hell and am not going to take it anymore.'"

"On TV this week I heard where the state want us to go online and vote for a new wildlife tag. There would be several to vote from. My question is, would there be a fee to buy this tag like the ones we had before? But can we trust them to use the money for wildlife or maybe nightlife? On the general fund again. On the general fund, the old used tire fund got put into the general fund. I believe we need more people to check behind our elected officials. They can't seem to check behind themselves."

"After reading the comments on our overweight sheriff's department, when you take the oath to be in law enforcement your body should be in shape, too. Let's get real. Being a deputy is a dangerous job or they wouldn't need bullet proof vests. It is also a job that is 24-7, on or off duty. There are more people coming into the county, especially in the western part, that are into gangs and all of that. They really don't care about people's lives and they will shoot to kill. We need people on the sheriff's department that are in physically good shape or they will get killed. After spending eight years in the Marine Corps, we had to be ready 24-7 in body and soul. If not, you were given a short time to get back in shape or get out the Corps. Officers should respect their body and the uniform they represent. You can't be 300 pounds and 5 feet, 8 inches and do your job to the best of your ability. ... "


Chambermaid 3 years, 2 months ago

Thank you to the commentor regarding Tuesday night your absolutely right silencing him is not the answer, truth of the matter is his data is accurate and truthful Hall said it himself in board meeting. Why cover up truth with unfactual things to make it look like Newton County is some thriving county it is in some respect but lets face it some of the schools not just AHS there are some others that are just as bad just not talked about.

Mr Hall the idea is not to cover up the truth the idea is to get it out there to work on those problem areas, but your way of doing it dear Sir is backwards and ignorant trying to bait Mr Meadors into a verbal debate. That would have done nothing and solved nothing. Give the present situation as it was called regarding the Law suit one thing has nothing to do with the other so if your focus is on the truth being hurtful it isn't it is actually painfull knowing you have other board members and Gary Mathews that don't have your back and are afraid to speak, for the fear of bein sued. That my friend is the problem.

Hunter Hall was very unprofessional and out of line in my opinion asking someone to lie is basically the logic behind that. If a person cares about the county and the people in it he won't ask someone not to tell the truth he would simply back the individual and purpose a solution rather then a debate.


Frustrated 3 years, 2 months ago

Is Mr Hall not an employee hired to run the Chamber? I say he needs to be fired for what he did. If he wants to sugar coat things then let him. Dont try to stop someone that prints facts. Does he not think the businesses looking at Newton also look at their schools systems and infrastructure? Does Mr Hall pass out rose colored glasses when talking with the companies? As a taxpayer in Newton County I believe Mr Hall should at the least be reprimanded if not fired. As for Mr Johnson and his lack of leadership with the BOE, you should be reprimanded as well.


Hotmess 3 years, 2 months ago

When the Chamber's Hunter Hall is so obnoxious that the school system has to call the Covington Police to the meeting then this is not someone we want leading the Chamber. He should step down and bow out. How much does he suppress when luring companies to Newton? How many little untruths are told to get them here?


Hotmess 3 years, 2 months ago

Why are kids cussing at Alcovy High and being sent right back to my class cuss me out over and over and nothing is done. Where is the help for this place?


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