School crime reports for Sept. 14, 2012

The Newton County Sheriff's Office provides School Resource Officers to each high school and middle school in Newton County. The following is a list of reports filed by these officers that have been received by the Newton Citizen:


-- 8/29/12 -- SRO reported that a student informed him that some items had been stolen from a classroom during some after-school activities and a report was completed.

-- 09/05/12 -- A student reported her IPhone stolen to the SRO and further said she knew who had it. Warrants were taken for the suspect.

-- 09/07/12 -- SRO reports that an administrator informed him that a student had stolen a phone from another student. The suspect was arrested and charged with theft by taking.

-- 09/07/12 -- An assistant principal found drugs on a female student, consisting of three rolled white papers with a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana. The student was referred to Juvenile Court.

-- 09/10/12 -- A teacher reported the theft of an IPad to the SRO. It was later discovered by an administrator in a student's bag.

-- 09/12/12 -- Two NCSS administrators were struck by a student they were attempting to calm him down following a fight with another student whom he had struck in the face repeatedly. The student was charged with battery on school teacher/personnel, battery (misdemeanor) and simple battery and transferred to the Juvenile Intake Office.


-- 08/09/12 -- SRO responded to a fight involving two juvenile female students. It started as a verbal altercation that led to students pushing each other. A teacher intervened and took the students to an administrator.

-- 09/10/12 -- A student ingested brownies laced with marijuana given to her at the bus stop by another student. The first student became ill and was released to her parents. The offender was suspended pending a hearing and released to Juvenile Court.

-- 09/09/12 -- A student reported that her IPad had been stolen from her bag while in a classroom.

-- 09/10/12 -- SRO responded to a fight which started when a male student began striking another male student in the back of the head and continued to strike him while on the ground. The offender was charged with battery.


-- 08/09/12 -- SRO from Alcovy High was called to Rocky Plains Elementary when a student became unruly and combative with school employees. After attempts were made to restrain the child and get him to calm down, law enforcement was notified. The SRO spoke with the student and the student agreed to return to class with no further incident. The school administrator advised that a chair was broken as a result of the child's actions and a juvenile complaint was requested.


Tairuna 3 years, 2 months ago

Hunter Hall will tell Baxter this did not happen.  HIDE IT NOW.

He would say the data wasn't accurate and to bury it never to speak of it again.


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