Porterdale responds to landlord complaints

PORTERDALE -- The City Council took swift action in addressing some of the complaints lodged Monday by landlords who own rental property in the city.

According to Mayor Arline Chapman, the council agreed to the following:

-- There will be no more deposit transfers within the city. When someone moves within the city, the deposit will be refunded and a new application will be made. The amount of the new deposit will be determined by the current utility credit check system.

-- When a utility credit check indicates that the reason for a bad credit rating is due to hospital bills, the city manager will, at his desecration, reduce the deposit accordingly.

According to Chapman, "The council believes that these changes conclude the discussion and address the landlords' issues in a fair way."

A group of landlords who met with council members Monday aired several concerns, including the $900 water account deposit required from applicants who have bad credit. In some cases, landlords said good applicants are turned away because of a credit blemish that was beyond their control, such as medical bills.

In addition, landlords complained about the city's policy of allowing tenants to move their account from one residence to another for a $25 transfer fee. Landlords pointed out that this policy allows tenants to skip out on the rent while paying their water bill.

The majority of single-family residences in Porterdale are rental property.