Hall: 21 industries considering a move to Newton County

COVINGTON -- There are 21 industries looking at Newton County as a potential location or relocation site, according to Hunter Hall, president of the Covington-Newton County Chamber of Commerce. Those industries employ or would employ between 35 and 900 people.

Requests for proposals to the Chamber are coming in at an average of one to two a week, Hall reported to the Newton County Board of Commissioners Tuesday evening.

He said a company out of California is coming back for a second visit in the next week to 10 days. He also said the Medical College of Georgia has proposed creating a "life science corridor" along I-20 in the wake of the Baxter International announcement.

The Chamber is also currently developing two pilot programs. One would involve partnerships with local industries C.R. Bard and SKC and the Newton College and Career Academy. Students at the academy would be able to apply for two-year apprenticeships with those industries their junior and senior years. The goal of the pilot program "is to keep our brightest and best local" and to also "create a pipeline with industries. So when C.R. Bard is looking for engineers with specific skill sets they can train them their own ways within their own culture."

Shannon Davis, director of business retention and expansion, said in a follow-up interview Wednesday that the pilot program is in the very preliminary stages. It is proposed to take effect during the 2013/2014 school year, with students likely being awarded the apprenticeships by the end of this school year.

Hall said there is also a pilot program in development with the College and Career Academy that would involve a summer internship program for students and teachers to "bridge the disconnect from what teachers are teaching and industries are saying they need."

Davis said she does not have additional details about the program at this time.


MamaTurd 3 years, 2 months ago

Two notes to Hall:  disclose the credentials of S. Davis (degree etc.) and tell your Alcovy principal to get lost SHE is the driver away of all things good in this town at the moment.  Believe me when I say she has made more than one industry want NO PART OF US


CadyJackson 3 years, 2 months ago

While it is wonderful that companies are looking at Newton County as a source for low-paying manufacturing jobs, I would like to see more companies like Baxter, who will bring higher paying jobs. There are a few of us here who actually hold Masters Degrees, and are tired of having to go into Atlanta in order to earn a salary commensurate with our work and education experience.


Newtownqq 3 years, 2 months ago

I will belive it when I see it Mr Hall!! Newton County is a joke among Georgia Counties we dont even have a place to see a movie!! Our BOC has failed in allowing residents to vote on Sunday sales. Also I was present at the BOC meeting which Hall asked for his budget to be doubled!!! What has he brought us? Waffle house, Walmart, Dollar Store and Baxter which we have given up $200 million in tax breaks. Thats money we will have to do with out!!


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