BOC approves road projects

COVINGTON -- County commissioners Tuesday night gave approval to components of several road projects that will be under way by the end of the year.

Commissioners gave County Engineer Tom Garrett permission to seek bids for the resurfacing of approximately 2.3 miles of Kirkland Road between Jack Neely and Salem roads at an estimated cost of $530,000. The project is expected to get under way in November and, weather permitting, should be finished by the end of the year, said Garrett. The project will be funded by the 2011 SPLOST.

Also approved was construction engineering and inspection for repairs to Mt. Tabor Road Bridge. Moreland Altobelli Associates Inc. will prepare bid documents, perform bidding services, provide construction management, inspection and materials testing for the project at a cost of $59,704. The board also approved right of way certification and gave permission to advertise for bids for the project.

The bridge was damaged in the 2009 flood. The middle portion of the bridge will be replaced, and piers will be reconstructed in a sturdier fashion to hold up better in the Yellow River.

The bridge has been closed to vehicles weighing more than 8 tons, such as fire trucks and school buses, since 2009, but once repairs are complete, it will be safe for all traffic. The project cost is expected to be just under $500,000, paid for through 2011 SPLOST revenues, with the Georgia Department of Transportation funding $105,000. Construction is expected to begin in December and run through July or August 2013.

Construction management by Moreland Altobelli at a cost of $97,366 and permission to seek bids for construction for a repair project to Crowell Road were also approved.

Construction is slated to begin in December and take nine months to complete. The project will be funded with impact fees.

The road was also damaged in the 2009 flood.

"I'm really ready to get this project done before the rains get too bad," said Commissioner Nancy Schulz.

According to a design description provided by Eric Brown, the designer with Moreland Altobelli Associates, the project includes "building a roadway to the east of the existing roadway, removing and reconstructing the existing culvert and roadway and then returning traffic to the existing horizontal alignment over the new culvert. The new road to the east will remain, as it will become the future northbound lanes of a future four-lane roadway. All new construction will be above the 100-year flood elevation of the Yellow River."

Finally, utility relocation agreements and permission to advertise for bids for construction for the paving of Gaithers Road was also approved. The county will reimburse Snapping Shoals EMC and Central Georgia EMC a total of $95,878.25 for utility relocation. Work on the currently unpaved road will begin in December and is expected to take nine to 12 months to complete. The project is being funded through 2005 SPLOST revenues.


dennistay53 2 years, 12 months ago

New 4 lane road around the yellow river. We keep clear cutting and laying asphalt around rivers and wonder why we keep getting flood damage. We best have a lot of money to fix roads and bridges after floods if we keep developing like this.


Del 2 years, 12 months ago

And the intersection @ Highway 81 and Crowell Rd in Porterdale once again remains untouched...........Sad state of affairs


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