Newton County man severely beaten; woman allegedly reports false kidnapping

COVINGTON -- A Newton County man drove himself to the emergency room after he was severely beaten early Saturday morning by four unknown assailants, according to the Covington Police Department.

The man told officers he was at QuikTrip on U.S. Highway 278 about 4 a.m. when he was approached by a black female who asked for a ride home to a Bohannon Street address, which was just across Highway 278 and near the QuikTrip.

He said he pulled into the driveway she indicated was hers and as she got out, he opened his door to see that she got in OK.

"At that time, he said a group of four black males pulled him from his vehicle and began to kick him and punch him with a closed fist as well as knee him about the face and head," the incident report completed by a CPD officer states. "(The victim) said the offenders pulled his clothes off of him and took his wallet that contained $200 in cash and his cell phone."

The victim said the assault stopped after they got his valuables and one of the men told him he "just needed to leave." He said he asked them for his keys and they were returned to him and he drove to Newton Medical Center.

When he arrived at the hospital, he was in his socks and underwear, carrying his other clothes. Medical personnel reported that it appeared he had been beaten severely around his head and face and both of his eyes were swollen shut. Further examination revealed that he suffered several broken bones to his face and a broken ankle.

The victim described his attackers as young black males, 18 to 24 years old, with three of them wearing white T-shirts and one wearing a black T-shirt.

Covington Police are continuing their investigation into the incident.

In other crime news, a 40-year-old Covington woman is charged with making false statements to a law enforcement officer after she allegedly reported her own kidnapping to DeKalb County authorities in order to get a ride back to Covington.

Sunday morning around 9:30, the CPD received word from the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office that a woman by the name of Andrea Jarmine Davis had given an officer a statement advising that she had been kidnapped Friday night from her house at 10619 Wellington Drive. She said she had been held in a car until Sunday, when she was able to escape to a Chevron station in DeKalb County and call police.

The woman was brought to Covington by a relay of police vehicles from the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office, the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office and finally the Covington Police Department.

While this was going on, a CPD officer met with the woman's daughter at the alleged victim's home who told him that her mother had left on a date Friday night and was not under duress. She said her mother had called her from a DeKalb County hotel on Saturday and asked her to come pick her up as her date had left her there. The daughter refused. She said her mother called her back on Sunday with the same request and she again refused.

The police also checked with the woman's employer and the manager at the local fast food restaurant said she had told him she would be late getting to work because she was in Kentucky.

Through all of these conversations, the police were told she had said nothing about a kidnapping.

Once Davis arrived at CPD headquarters, detectives questioned her and after several attempts to stick to her kidnapping story, the woman finally admitted she made it all up so she could get a ride back to Covington.

She was arrested.


will 3 years, 2 months ago

Why is it that these black thugs always want to beat somebody? This violent culture is out of hand. These punks need to be put away for life, they are worthless thugs.


John 3 years, 2 months ago

Will, Unless you haven't read or heard about it yet, there are "thugs" in all people groups not just one.


will 3 years, 2 months ago

I agree with you John there are thugs in all groups of people. What concerns me is the fact that the black culture is more prone to violence than other cultures look at the facts. In this area the majority of the crimes are done by young black thugs in a hoodie. The jacksons and sharptons need to speak up about this but they never do they always play the victim. I know there are many good respectful black people in this country but the ones that turn to violence need to be put in jail.


momofone 3 years, 2 months ago

Wow, I think that it is ridiculous that someone thinks that because they chose to go out on a date, get a hotel room and then gets left, that it is okay to take officers from three jurisdictions off the road to be her taxi home. I hope they stick this woman with the bill for her 'taxi' services.


Billy 3 years, 2 months ago

Yeah, J, there are thugs in all groups of people, but there's thugs in the above mentioned group as well. I'm not sure how that's relevant...


John 3 years, 2 months ago

Billy, The terms "all groups" does not exclude any one - all means all.


Covingtonian 3 years, 2 months ago

Billy, apparently your reading comprehension isn't very good, I would suggest you reread Johns comment. If you still don't understand the relevancy I would suggest you search out a 'friend of the library".


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