Letter: Brown is best choice for sheriff

Thank you for the Newton Citizen article "Sheriff shares bulletproof vest fund records." I think the voters can now lay this issue to rest and decide who they will vote to be sheriff of Newton County for the next four years. As a registered Republican and career law enforcement officer, when it comes to the election or re-election of a sheriff, I believe we have to look past the political mudslinging, party affiliations, and vote for the most qualified candidate.

As a former Georgia Bureau of Investigation special agent, I worked with Sheriff Ezell Brown on several homicides and other major cases here in Newton County. I've witnessed, firsthand, his integrity, leadership, investigative skills, and work ethic. I believe that his honesty and integrity are above reproach.

Bottom-line, I believe when you examine the education, training and the experience of the two candidates, Ezell is truly the best qualified candidate. Ezell has dedicated his life to law enforcement in Newton County. To that, we, the voters, owe him a debt of gratitude and need to give him another four years to continue his transformation of the Newton County Sheriff's Department into one of the best sheriff's departments in the state of Georgia.

Randy Upton



gsm7476 2 years, 11 months ago

Old GSM likes Phillip but Ezell he has done a good job. I did not vote for Ezell in 2008 but he has won me over. The County is going to be in good hands either way. But GSM voted for Ezell. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. I am GSM7476 and I aprove this message.


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