School Crime report for Oct. 26, 2012

The Newton County Sheriff's Office provides School Resource Officers to each high school and middle school in Newton County. The following is a list of reports filed by these officers that have been received in the past weeks by the Newton Citizen:


-- On Oct. 18, a female student reported to the school resource officer that a former boyfriend, not a student, had been continuously calling her at school, as well as her relatives and friends since Sept. 27. She said she had talked to him during that period, but she wanted him to quit calling her relatives and friends and not call so much.


-- On Oct 10, a student informed the resource officer that her cell phone had been stolen while she was in gym class. No value given for the Apple/iPhone4.

-- On Oct. 10, a student reported to the resource officer that during basketball conditioning he thinks he dropped his cell phone out of his pants pocket. Once he realized it was missing, he went back to look for it and was unable to locate it. It was a Black Metro PCS Android with a brown diamond-shaped cover valued at $150.

-- On Oct. 12, a student reported that he placed his wallet on a counter in the library and when he returned for it in about an hour, the wallet was missing. He said he had about $150 in cash and various personal documents in the black leather wallet.

-- On Oct. 16, a student reported to the resource officer that a theft had occurred of a wallet containing $195 in cash and an Apple iPod valued at $300. The wallet was described as having "blue flames" on it.

-- On Oct. 16, a student and a teacher contacted the school resource officer regarding the theft of the student's wallet. The theft occurred in the cafeteria and the student did not realize her wallet was missing until other students started yelling that a girl had the wallet. The students pointed out a group of girls and the victim saw them running from the cafeteria. The victim then told a teacher who was able to identify one of the students and escorted the group to the administrator's office. Four students were charged with theft by taking. The wallet was valued at $15 and contained $9 in cash.

-- On Oct 22, a student advised the resource officer that an Apple iPad4 valued at $800 was missing out of her bag. It was engraved, "A smart gift for a smart girl -- Love Nana & Papa" and had a crack in the right corner.


-- On Oct. 16, a staff member reported that his Apple iPhone had been stolen. It was valued at $200.

-- On Oct. 17, a school resource officer was called to the school regarding two students fighting. The two were taken to the administrator's office and an investigation into the incident is ongoing.


-- On Oct. 12, the principal received word that a male student might be in possession of an "air soft" pistol. The subsequent investigation by school administrators located the weapon with a loaded magazine and that administrator requested the student be charged by the NCSO with possession of weapons in a school safety zone.


-- On Oct. 22, an 8-year-old student discovered that over the weekend he had left his BB gun in his book bag. The student took his book bag with the gun to a school administrator and confessed to inadvertently having the gun at school. His parents were called and they confirmed his story. The student's grandfather came to the school to take custody of the unloaded BB gun. No charges were filed.


Lucy30016 3 years, 1 month ago

I would like for the paper people to look into the Thursday October 18th pep rally at Alcovy High School where we all complained to the principal about the dance team sexual charged performance and them wearing mens underwear. What is happening to our schools they put a little kid thru juvenile for a silly bb gun and they allow high school students to basically do a striptease and nothing is done by the system. Check the emails that day and the next day to the principal at Alcovy.


gobraves 3 years, 1 month ago

Private school, private school, private school!


covington300 3 years, 1 month ago

gobraves....If you think private school students are any less likely to steal, lie, cheat, and hold contraban...you obviously have your head in the sand and are part of the problem. If you are the parent of a teenager, you are obviously believing their lies to you. So, wake up, wake up, wake up!


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