Two Newton County churches report burglaries

COVINGTON -- Two Newton County churches made reports of burglaries over the weekend and at least one thief wanted to make sure he wasn't being watched as he practiced his devilment.

Members at Little Bethel Baptist Church at 400 McMahon Road reported that they had been burglarized sometime between Oct. 16 and Oct. 20.

"Inside the pastor's study, all of his desk drawers had been gone through and pulled out. Several other items had been moved around inside the study, including a clock that was hanging on the wall with an illustration of Jesus Christ on the clock's face. The clock had been taken off the wall and placed face down on the pastor's desk," the Newton County Sheriff's Office incident report states.

Near the study, the report states there was a large fish bowl with approximately $500 in cash and coins which had been donated to the church's youth which was missing.

The front door to the church was kicked in and several pieces of expensive sound equipment estimated to be worth $4,000, including microphones, speakers and a sound board, two refrigerators and two large fans were also missing. One of the refrigerators contained the church's communion supplies.

The same day, a member of a church that meets at 100 Eleanor Drive known as St. Matthew Church said that sometime between Oct. 14 and Oct. 20 canned goods she was preparing to donate to the Newton County Food Pantry were stolen.

Deputies observed that a window at the location had been repaired with duct tape and cardboard and the cardboard had been removed. All doors were found to be locked.

The monetary loss of the cases of canned goods is estimated to be approximately $200.

The NCSO is continuing to investigate these incidents. Anyone with information on either of these burglaries is asked to contact them at 678-625-1400 or go to their web site at newtonsheriffga.org and leave an anonymous tip.


jwm1955 2 years, 3 months ago

When people break into churches ,they not only steal from the church they steal from God and the community that church is in. If this nation contiunes on the path that it is on then God will remove his protection. When we allow people in power to tell a religious group that they provide birth control and support abortion, and support gay marriage the nation we once knew will be no more.


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