ON THE BEAT: Yipes, Skype! It's too late now

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

A 22-year-old man walked into the Newton County Sheriff's Office to complain that a woman he was chatting with over the Internet had sent photos to his parents and friends of their recent Skype chat.

According to Public Information Officer Deputy Courtney Morrison, the man admitted that during the chat "he was doing inappropriate things to himself."

He said a couple of days after the chat, the woman told him if he didn't go to several websites and "vote for her," she would send a video of the incident to his family and friends via Facebook.

She apparently made good on her threat as the victim said he received a phone call from his father stating that he had received a copy of the video as had his mother and other friends. His father advised him to contact the police.Confused in CovingtonA man notified 911 that he was being kidnapped by a taxi driver who was taking him down Smith Store Road. When deputies caught up to the cab, it turned out the passenger was a bit intoxicated when he made the 911 call.

-- A woman was stopped by CPD officers after driving erratically and she duly handed her license to the officer. When asked where she was going, she told the officer she was on her way to Waffle House to get her license. He told her she'd already given him her license and then she said oh, she must be going to get her cellphone. She blew a .19 on the Breathalyzer.Just like WimpyA man was stopped for traffic violations by a Covington Police officer and during the course of the stop it was discovered the man was driving with no insurance and suspended registration. When asked why he was out driving without insurance, he said, "I was going to pay for it tomorrow."Taking the necessitiesA woman reported to the NCSO that her house had been robbed. Her jewelry box and some medicine were missing as was $6 worth of quarters and $10 worth of toilet paper.

-- A woman called the NCSO to report someone had stolen her "government check" in the amount of $4,414 from her mailbox.

-- A homeowner reported that someone stole his furnace, copper line from the air conditioning unit and a 5-gallon bucket of paint.

-- A man who said he was in the U.S. from Guam stole a man's head wrap and a hat from Walmart on Salem Road.

-- A woman reported her wheelchair had been stolen and the people who lived across the street from her had it. When NCSO deputies checked, it turned out the neighbors didn't know the wheelchair was stolen when they acquired it. It was returned to the rightful owner.

-- A juvenile was found to have taken $57.72 worth of playing cards from Walmart on Industrial Boulevard.

-- A woman was arrested after she was observed stuffing 23 DVDs into her purse at Dollar General Store.Fight among friendsNCSO deputies were summoned to a convenience store after a man claimed he was assaulted by another man. The victim stated he was walking into the store and as he went to open the door, there stood an acquaintance of his who proceeded to "headbutt" him and then tried to fight him.

The victim said the clerk sent the attacker on his way and told the victim to come on into the store. The victim said he believed the whole thing had stemmed from an incident at a cookout the week before when the attacker's wife had passed out in the grass while everyone was riding 4-wheelers. The victim said he placed the man's wife into bed and he thinks the attacker believes "something happened" between the two of them.A good tradeA man reported to the CPD that his $100 push lawnmower was stolen from his carport. In exchange, the thief apparently dropped his gold "grill," or a set of gold teeth that fit over existing teeth. The grill was probably worth more than the lawnmower, but the police took it into evidence so the homeowner is still out $100 for the mower.Kept on goingThe owner of a car lot told the CPD that he had a Jaguar for sale and a salesman at another car lot sent him a customer, telling him the man wanted to drive the Jaguar. He let the man test drive the car and he hasn't seen it since, nor will the other car salesman return his phone calls.Women fightingTwo women were found to be fighting in the Kroger parking lot. CPD officers arrived and questioned the two and both claimed to have been attacked by the other woman. The altercation was about a mutual friend. Both combatants were pregnant, but they both went to jail after being seen by EMS.A bad dayThe CPD was called to a family fight which apparently had been an ongoing thing throughout the day. The family stated that a woman was being combative and had tried to knock her mother off the toilet and had been throwing things. Officers asked the woman to calm down, but she didn't and was transported to the Newton County Detention Center.Limited coordinationA woman was stopped for erratic driving and was suspected to be DUI. The NCSO deputy began to explain to her how to do a field sobriety test and when he got to the one leg stand portion of the test, she said, "I can't even do that when I'm sober."