The Newton Citizen Poll for Oct. 14, 2012

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"Where's the reporting about the boy who was a hospitalized this week from Alcovy after an attack by another student? Or have we just gotten to the point that that kind of thing is the accepted normal for Alcovy?"

Editor's Note: There was a report of the episode in the Oct. 5 edition of the Citizen on Page 4A in the School Crime Report.

"The Old Man has been rather confused lately. Of course, at my age that is nothing new. My big confusion is about what is going on in this world today! We send billions of dollars and our young men overseas to fight to win them democracy (and to protect our oil) and then much of the money gets siphoned off to buy weapons to kill our young boys. They kill our ambassador for who knows why and then they tear up anything they can get their hands on. It is for a cause; the cause is looting. Now you come over to the USA. We have the UN Building on government property which we foot most of the bill. Since it is government property it pays no taxes. I guess this is best because I would imagine the diplomats feel safer here then in their own country. They have diplomatic immunity so they can do what they darn well please. I don't hear too much about what they actually do besides have a few meetings. Correct me if I'm wrong. Now we come to our Congress. The Democrats sit on one side and the Republicans on the other. Reminds me of the Hatfields and McCoys. They just sit there and fire shots at each other trying to eliminate one or the other. When you ask what they do they say they ate eliminating Republicans or Democrats. When asked who they work for they say the USA. Then you ask who is the USA and they forget, so you remind them it is the taxpayers. Then they get out their trusty secretaries and dictate a beautiful letter to their constituents telling what they have been doing. The saddest thing is the disrespect shown to our president. I don't care who he or she is the stuff that is on the Internet is sad. I wonder if the Queen of England has to put up with this? There are several countries that you try that and you're dead. Now just one other thing. Why do they call Social Security and Medicare an entitlement? Doesn't that mean welfare? I have paid into it for many years. I know when FDR proposed it we weren't suppose to live so long and this was like an interest-bearing savings account. Now I have lived longer then was proposed, but what about those boys who had jobs, were paying into both and now they are dead. Maybe their families get something out of it. No matter what I say I still think this is the greatest country in the world, and I am hoping that we keep it this way. Oh yes, I saw a picture of a long thin thing looking like a totem pole or a scarecrow with some straggly clothes on. It was called a Gaga. Now I know what a Gaga is. I think it must be a female Gaga."

"In response to the comment made about the deer habitat on Alcovy Road. It's funny how the next commentator sent in a complaint about all the crime in the county. People make up your minds. It's either thugs or deer habitats. Can you figure out which one is a pest, and which one adds beauty to the county."

"I would like to thank the Newton County Fire Department for getting out to the fire next door to my home so quickly. The firefighters did a great job and were professional and friendly. I would like to give a special thanks to the firefighter from department 2 who saved my dog from the house on fire and the wet area near the cut power lines. I cannot thank him and the entire fire department enough for them being great heroes for me and my young son that watched them work so hard. It is important in this time to see hard-working people willing to sacrifice themselves for others and their pets."

"To the city of Covington street department, you are to be commended. The same week that I posted here about a sewer grate on Usher Street causing people to make wide turns going to the post office it was fixed. I even misidentified the grate as a manhole cover. By the way, I don't know the man personally but I found out his name is Billy Skinner. He does a great job for the city as well as countless other city workers. Mayor Johnston and Mr. Horton, your guys are the best."

"The Covington News devoted its Sunday edition to trashing Jeff Meadors. The editorial section put him on trial and condemned him without benefit of judge, jury, nor proof. 'As a matter of personal conscience' he should resign from the school board. Is this the present day form of tar and feathering him and running him out of town? This whole situation stems from a lawsuit (that was) conducted by Dr. LaQuanda Carpenter and her lawyer Stephanie Lindsey who claim, among other things, that he is behind all the blogs sent to the Citizen's website. Long ago, he denied this. I have never read any of the blogs ... I only know what I read in the newspaper. The Covington News brings up a story about Meadors from seven years ago when he was an assistant principal of a Gwinnett school. Does that have anything to do with what is going on today, or did they just throw it in for a little extra venom? In one of the articles they accuse Meadors of being the reason for Dr. Dennis Carpenter not being selected for a superintendentship in another state. In previous editions, the News noted that Dr. Carpenter had applied for the post and was a finalist. In subsequent editions they stated he wasn't selected, but the number of children in that district was something like 155,000 vs. 19,000 here in Newton County. I felt the vast difference in the number of students was probably the reason. The News and Carpenter think that Meadors probably sent derogatory information about what was happening with the school board and the blogs. Is that the proof of wrongdoing that the Covington News offers? They seemed miffed that Meadors and his attorney did not take part in an inquiry about the case. The case is pending and it is common practice for defendants to defer comment. The Covington News interviewed the rest of the school board members with the chairman, Eddie Johnson, displaying overwhelming bias against Meadors. The rest of the board had positive comments about their ability to work productively, with Almond Turner offering to meet with any citizen who had questions and needed clarification of specific issues. Henderson-Baker thought Meadors should continue his column. I do not know Jeff Meadors, but I couldn't help but react to the manner in which the Covington News attacked him without offering any concrete evidence. I offer this as a solution. Why not have the Citizen close down their blog site for the next six months or until the lawsuit is completed so there won't be anymore anonymous, demeaning blogs. Just get rid of it for the time being."


Unstableone 2 years, 9 months ago

Dear GANNET enterprises please hire Meadors fulltime to report at large.


Tairuna 2 years, 9 months ago

Dennis Carpenter and LaQuanda Carpenter will have a real hard time getting jobs after this. Mathews should dismiss them from NCSS since they acted frivolously and did serious damage to people and schools. You can't just walk away from that lady with a letter to the community bragging about transforming Alcovy High School. You transformed it alright - into the lowest performing highest crime building in the county. I have GOOGLE alerts with both of your names and every single time I find you applying for work I am sending a zip drive ready to go of all of this lawsuit stuff you caused. Happy hunting and get the heck out of Newton County you have given us a bad name and messed with someone WE ELECTED TO REPRESENT US. Who mentored you to think this was a smart deal woman?


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