Letter: Thanks, Citizen, for support and care.

On Oct. 4 Barbara Knowles ran a feature article regarding my husband James B. Vargo's continued battle with gastroparesis, the health issues, and mounting medical costs which have overwhelmed our family.

Our sale ran Saturday at the Antiques and Stuff Mall location in Covington, and it was amazing how many wonderful people came by to pray with us, make a donation or just offer a word of encouragement.

We met a number of people who are struggling with this debilitating illness, not at the same degree that Jim's is, but still understanding fully what the battles are.

We raised a little money, and more importantly, we raised Jim's spirits immensely, so much so that he insisted on staying the entire day and wore himself out!

We thank the Newton Citizen and Barbara Knowles for their support and care.

The Bank of America James B. Vargo Fund is open and will continue to stay open, and we are hoping to have his surgery date scheduled within the next 30 days.

Thank you all so very much!

-- Kathryn and

James B. Vargo