Traffic halted on I-20 due to glass breakage

COVINGTON -- At noon Friday traffic was snarled on Interstate 20 westbound in Covington.

According to Georgia State Patrol spokesman Gordy Wright, a westbound tractor trailer entered the curve at the Covington-Oxford Exit around 10:45 this morning and one of the straps holding large sheets of glass broke on the left side of the trailer. Approximately 45 sheets of glass, 130 inches by 204 inches, fell onto the Interstate. All lanes were blocked.

"The truck will need to be off-loaded before it can be moved," Wright said.

Traffic is able to enter I-20 at the 278 exit but is being detoured off at Alcovy Road. The result is traffic hold-ups on surface streets throughout the city.

The vehicle involved in the mishap belongs to Werner Enterprises from Omaha, Neb.