Jack Simpson: If you want change, vote for it



You say you want change. Well, go to the polls and cast your vote. Our ancestors have spilled blood to ensure we have this privilege. The way we change our destiny is through the ballot box. This is preferred to revolution, don't you agree?

Our founders believed it was better to vote for peaceful change rather than engage in revolution to achieve liberty and prevent tyranny.

There is much dissatisfaction right now with our government. Many feel like it is broken and it does little to solve our serious problems. This next election is a very important one for our country, and we cannot just sit at home and complain. It is more important than ever that we exercise our privilege to vote for the candidate of our choice. Freedom is preserved at the polling place, and that is where citizens can truly participate in democracy. Make your voice heard.

Even before the presidential debates, many citizens have studied, read the polls, engaged in discussions, listened to politicians and are familiar with the issues. These individuals know the nation is adrift and our leadership is less than satisfactory. We have problems. The question is who can solve them? Who can bring back prosperity and stimulate economic growth? This has not been achieved in the last four years.

Other people must still catch up and become knowledgeable before voting. They cannot yet see our president trying to turn America into a European-style socialist welfare state. Does he need four more years to do it?

Americans need jobs. They cannot earn a living in part because their jobs have been sent overseas. Old-timers who remember Milstead and Porterdale, and heard Ernie Ford sing "Sixteen Tons" about owing his soul to the company store may be wishing for those old days when American businesses furnished not only jobs, but housing, health care and a company store where workers could buy things they needed for their households.

Candidates travel the campaign trail every day talking to the crowds, blowing smoke, repeating their message seeking to dazzle and achieve front-runner status. No telling how many babies have gotten kissed or how many hands have been shaken. No telling how many barbecue sandwiches, Cokes, or cups of coffee have been consumed. Sooner or later, somebody will get lost in the shuffle and somebody will have sharpened his message enough to convince voters that a vote for him will turn things around and economic conditions will improve.

You, the voter, will be making the decision about which candidate will be able to provide positive leadership, resolve our problems, and keep America safe and strong. Good luck on your choice. May God bless America.

Jack Simpson is a former educator, veteran, author and a law enforcement officer. His column appears each Friday.