Newton Citizen Poll for Dec. 2, 2012

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"Are people just inconsiderate or downright dumb? Went to the automated carwash on Thanksgiving day over on Highway 278 and the car at the gate in front of me the driver had his music with the vulgar language thumping. He moves forward and Einstein next to me pays and when the arm goes up for him to pass, he gets out of his RAV4 with a spray bottle and proceeds to spray all four tires before proceeding. Meanwhile, I had to wait because the gates are programmed to hold the adjoining driver so that both vehicles do not pull out and collide. Said driver didn't have enough sense to follow the two bright yellow stripes painted on the drive to help lead him into the wash. The people at said business didn't say anything which was probably for the best. Both these idiots probably would have made a scene. By the way, a few years back, I was standing in line at the Superette and this lady walks in and as a joke shouted, 'This is a holdup. Don't nobody move.' She was the sister of Einstein. I hope their mom doesn't have anymore geniuses at home. I'm sure they will never read this, probably can't read, definitely can't comprehend. I feel better now that that's off my chest."

"I am just curious to know how many people are now using the new concrete trail from Eastside High School to the library on a daily basis to see if the taxpayers got all the 'projected' bang for their buck like the multitude of students that would be walking to school, etc. or was it someone's pet project. Oh, we read an article a little ago, that on Brown Street at the intersection of Usher a new overhead stop sign was installed but not one word about the new stop sign installed on the left side of the street. Now there are three stop signs on a one-way street -- looks like overkill from here, or is this the way of the future? All that is left to do is to train certain drivers these stop signs are not suggestions."

"I would like to make readers aware of the relief situation in the area devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Thousands of people remain without power while local EMCs are being turned away and sent back home because they are not union employees. I have a relative who works for a local EMC whose crew was turned away in Maryland and sent home because they were not union. Citizens need to be aware that help was offered, sent and refused. So those who are still without power should go to their local unions and camp out til the lights come back on."

"Does anyone but me wonder if there are any items that cannot be purchased on an EBT card? I can remember years ago there were numerous things that were exempt from purchase on food stamps(now EBT cards). It appears now anyone receiving an EBT -- Enabled By Taxpayers card -- has carte blanche for purchases. With so many millions receiving these cards and the amount of funds spent during the Thanksgiving weekend and Cyber Monday, someone has money to spend. I thought our economy was in the toilet and Americans were hurting? You would never know it by the billions reported spent in four days. This is one of the reasons kids of today are so materialistic. If a family is having problems paying their bills, (rent, food, electric, gas and essentials) what is wrong with telling each child, there will be one gift at Christmas this year and it definitely will not be an iPod? It would be interesting to know if the majority of these billions spent were on debit, credit or EBT cards? Wake up America! The fiscal cliff is right around the corner! Desperate times call for desperate measures -- even if it is Christmas. You better think about what could happen tomorrow."

"The Covington News put out an 'Our Thoughts' (yawn ...) called 'Disgust & Celebration' railing against education in Georgia and education officials for us being in the bottom three nationwide in terms of the new grad rate calculations. However, they spent the entire spring and summer kissing the rear of the very principal who runs Alcovy High School (into the ground ... ) which has the lowest rate in the county below both the Newton average and the state and the nation. State rate is 67 percent and is third from the bottom nationwide. Alcovy is below both Newton High and Eastside High. Alcovy is at 64 percent, NHS at 66 and EHS at 70 percent. So what is my point? Get rid of the bad leadership and Covington News needs to do an about-face, or did they just do it? This rate is firing data based on their pretended 'disgust.'"

"I am very glad to see that the school board kept the Policy GAG on nepotism and conflicts of interest. Now enforce it! The policy disallows a spouse from supervising a spouse. Dennis Carpenter supervises his wife's building operations, school nutrition, human resources and budgets ... If we correct this and abide by the policy that is in place -- GAG -- then this should not be happening. Don't put perfume on a pig school board and say that Mathews supervises principals. Mathews does not directly supervise any of the above named areas at the wife's school -- husband does. Our school board will go a long way toward redeeming themselves if they put this to rest ..."

"Yes, a driver entering a roundabout must yield to an approaching vehicle when the circling vehicle doesn't have its turn-signal switched on. Unfortunately, too many drivers fail to switch on their turn signal just prior to exiting a roundabout. Failure to use their turn signal appropriately, compels an entering driver to slow down and, perhaps, stop, because they've no way of knowing which exit the circling vehicle intends to use. So, another important 'rule' is: When your're within a roundabout, switch on your turn-signal when you're approaching your intended point-of-exit. By your doing so, an entering driver may safely advance into the roundabout, knowing that you're intending to exit."

"I understand that there was a fatality on 36 Thursday night and my heart goes out to the family of the victim. My concern is the way the two city of Covington police cars came around the Square at a very high rate of speed while the Square was full of families gathered for the Christmas festivities along with the horse-drawn carriages. My family was about to cross in the crosswalk when the first police car came up Clark Street and turned the curve onto Monticello Street. Everyone was just dumbfounded at what took place. If anyone had been in it's path, there would have surely been more fatalities. They were followed by two ambulances and a fire truck who all seemed to realize that there were people gathered on the Square and took precautions. Shame on these policemen who put all of us in jeopardy. I know for a fact that this is not the first time this has happened on the Square while a large number of people were gathered and has been reported and nothing has been done about it."

"I was calling about Tech-Georgia game yesterday. It's a sad thing but it wasn't competitive. Georgia won, but I feel like Tech made it real easy for them to win. They done got rid of Al ... You can't say it was his fault. The defense I feel like missed the bus and the offense was in left field. I don't know. I think what should happen, like I said, they done got rid of Al ... the athletic director has done left, next in line would be Paul Johnson."

"I was calling about the crime report in the Citizen on Sunday on Nov. 25. Could it be that there's many more reasons other than skin color is the reason white people don't want to live in a black neighborhood? I think so."


Satan69 2 years, 12 months ago

The bad leadership should have gone already and the covington news needs to shut down completely.


ShakingMyHead 2 years, 11 months ago

To the comment about turn signals: Do you really trust everyone to properly use turn signals? I drive everyday on local roads and interstates and I am constantly amazed at the lack of driving skills displayed. And this includes law enforcement too. I use the roundabout multiple times a day and would never pull out just because someone has their turn signal on. Waiting one second to see what the driver will do is a lot cheaper than being in an accident with someone that probably doesn't have insurance to begin with.


Covingtonian 2 years, 11 months ago

My comments concerning some of the posts, First if anyone turns away help because of non union affiliation they are a fool in my humble opinion. Second, using turn signals in the roundabout is great but you have those who "don't trust that the driver is really going to turn" so they stop and wait anyway. My final thought has to do with Shannon Black who is posting under the name Satan69 among others. Does she have any family members in this area that can or will help this lady of many identities who has allowed the NCSS and specifically Alcovy High school to consume her?


Shart15 2 years, 11 months ago

You are the one consumed - and with her. I happen to know who satan is and it is a system employee which she is not. Nuff said.


John 2 years, 11 months ago

As the song goes "God is grace, beer is good and people are crazy" = life in 2012!


John 2 years, 11 months ago

I recall when I grew up and my Mom and Dad both worked - we three children received one gift at Christmas and always Santa came while we were at Christmas services at Church -couldn't wait to get home to see what he brought. Great memories for sure & I don't think I am too warped because of this. I still have my Lionel train set that i received from Santa 64 years ago & it still works. Gift should always come from the heart and warmly received no matter the value - just MHO.


ShannonBlack 2 years, 11 months ago

AWW COVINGTONIAN I love every week How you accuse me of being multiple names. The funny part is I haven't even been on the Newton citizen read it yes commenting not so much. But I drive you absolutely crazy and every week you have a comment about it. Ha-ha I could careless about you the carpenters or AHS. You need help for your obsession. Take care. Your going to be in a mental hospital soon worrying about me.


missyslove 2 years, 11 months ago

It really makes me sick to keep seeing and hearing all the hateful comments about all the people on food stamps. Yes..there are a lot of families on food stamps and that should tell people something. I get sick of hearing how if you're poor then you don't deserve a holiday dinner. Obviously the people who keep making these comments have PLENTY and have never known what it's like to have to feed a family on food stamps. Most of the people who spent money to have a holiday meal will end up going hungry for the rest of the month because they spent most of their funds trying to have a holiday dinner for their family. Something most people take for granted. And NO..you can't buy whatever you want on EBT....only food items may be purchased so if you need toilet paper ...deodarant..laundry detergent...you're out of luck. I hope the person who wrote that isn't raising their kids to have the same hateful attitude towards the poor that they have displayed here in their comment..and personally I think they should be ashamed of themselves for posting such things and especially at CHRISTmas...and I'm sure they probably sit in church on Sunday proclaiming to be a Christian and then pass by a homeless person and act like they don't exist. Perhaps the person who wrote that should only buy THEIR kids one gift or maybe even none at all and instead make them serve the homeless on Christmas and teach them to have some EMPATHY for those who are less fortunate than them. Selfish ignorant people make me sick and anyone who feels that way about the poor doesn't even deserve a Christmas! YOU are exactly what's wrong with society.


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