Letter: Obama accomplished much in first term

Obama accomplished more in first term than many think

Good job Rockdale! Seventy-five percent of registered voters voted and 11 districts out of 18 voted for President Obama. He received 57.76 percent of the Rockdale vote and Democrats dominated the winning votes in our county.

But how will re-electing the president help us as citizens? Well, let's look back on what his administration did for us during those first four years.

Let's start with unemployment. Prior to this administration, unemployment benefits were based on the last three quarters of your employment and given a cap of up to 24 weeks of benefits. Obama changed that by adding tiers of extensions. Many people received up to five tiers of benefits if they had not been able to find work.

Obama raised the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act on minimum pay from $5.15 per hour to $7.25. It was the first time minimum wage rates had been raised since 1998!

His first signed bill required equal pay for women. If a woman makes less than her counterpart male doing the same job, she can sue the company for discrimination.

Health care: Long-term illnesses cost insurance companies a lot of money. Prior to Obama, insurance companies had the right to cancel or refuse to pay claims because you hit their ceiling. Switching to another insurance company would be impossible because of your pre-existing condition. Obama changed this practice.

Credit cards: Remember crazy fees because you might have gone over your limit and unexplained fees on your bills? Thanks to Obama, these fees are now illegal.

Cash for clunkers. People traded in old cars worth $100 or so and received a credit for $1,500 to $2,500 when they purchased a new car.

The president also passed the hate crime bill, ended bank subsidies for college loans, passed financial reform, health benefits were given for victims of 9/11, and soldiers with PSTD and/or head trauma are now covered. All that was in the first two years! And, while he was taking care of Americans who needed help, he dealt with two wars, hired the first Hispanic woman to the Supreme Court, got us out of the recession, the stock market doubled and unemployment dropped.

Our president truly believes in doing what's best for all Americans. His support for single parents, the military, gays, the elderly, the poor and the disabled is unparalleled by any other president of our nation. This president will go down in history for many great things and I am proud to claim him as our president.

It's time to stop this division in the House by writing your congressmen and telling them enough with the stonewalling. We need to work together with our president and unite as one country under God.

-- Patti S. Wilson