Newton gets $2.1M in federal funds for roads

COVINGTON -- Newton County has received nearly $2.1 million in federal funds for road projects. The money is being administered through the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Projects that will benefit are the intersection at Brown Bridge and Crowell Road; Flat Shoals Road at Covington Bypass; and Ga. Hwy. 142 at Ga. Hwy. 81. All were already part of the county's comprehensive transportation plan, created in 2008.

"Because the money is available, it expedites the projects," said Chairman Kathy Morgan.

The city of Covington also received $594,000 for construction of a pedestrian bridge over I-20.

Morgan said the county's projects were picked based on traffic count and safety considerations at the intersections, and those that were within the metropolitan planning area under ARC's jurisdiction.

Morgan said she believes the fact that Newton County is now in two congressional districts helped the county receive more funding.

"With these proposals, they saw that they were disbursing their money; it was not concentrated in one area and the benefit was going all the way around," she said.

The county received $2,096,000 and is required to fund a 20 percent match of $524,000.

At the Brown Bridge and Crowell road intersection, there have been 22 accidents since January 2008, according to a report given to the Board of Commissioners by County Engineer Tom Garrett. The intersection has a traffic count of almost 30,000 vehicles per day. Improvements will include lengthening the left turn lane on Brown Bridge, changing the alignment of the intersection and possibly adding more turn signals, at an estimated cost of $580,000.

At Flat Shoals Road and Covington Bypass, there are close to 15,000 vehicles that pass through per day. A traffic signal and left turn lanes will be installed at an estimated cost of $1.1 million.

Morgan said the city of Oxford wants to slow the volume of semi-trucks driving through city limits along Hwy. 81. That intersection sees more than 16,000 vehicles per day. There are two options for improvements and the one selected will depend on the Department of Transportation's preference, but both will include installing a traffic signal and conversion to a 90-degree angle intersection.

The ARC is distributing $310 million in federal funds; projects have to be under construction by 2014.


Frustrated 3 years ago

When are they going to do something about Brown Bridge and Magnet Rd? Since they put the redlights in at Hwy 20 and 212 it is a continuous line of traffic coming up Brown Bridge. Crossing the intersection is a nightmare. Guess some more people have to be seriously injured or killed before they do anything.


Cbo 3 years ago

Someone care to explain how turning lanes and a traffic light get to 1.1 Mil?


Del 3 years ago

Should we assume that Hwy 142 and Hwy 81 IS Crowell Rd and Hwy 81? The most traveled, most busiest intersection in the county with a FOUR WAY STOP SIGN? This is the road that needs to be fixed FIRST....no if's no and's and no but's


John 3 years ago

It is the same road and the name changes depending on what side of 81 you are in. 142 bypass has about 5 other names within about a 5 mile stretch,- Country Road 653, Eagle Drive, Covington By-Pass, Eagle Drive & MLK. Georgia luvs to change road names more than any state I've lived in. Came from Texas and the same road even their Farm to market roads will the same name all the way from start to finish and it is a big state - from El Paso to Texarkana - a long two day drive of about 1100 miles.


inthemiddle 3 years ago

Actually, none of the road names listed above are Hwy 142. Hwy 142 starts at Hwy 81 and travels south crossing over I-20 until it reaches Hwy 278. Hwy 142 then turns left and is the same road as Highway 278 and then forks to the right (south) to travel to the 4-way stop at Hwy 11.

Eagle Drive, County Road 653, Covington Bypass, and MLK are all names of the road south of the intersection of Hwy 278 and Hwy 142 but Hwy 142 turns east and is not the same as any of these Roads.


SP 3 years ago

The 142/81 intersection in the article is just north of Oxford (@North Fork gas station)...not the 4-way in Porterdale. That intersection in Porterdale's and the GaDOT's problem, not the county...if I'm not mistaken


Newtownqq 3 years ago

CBO its simple Good Old Boys Math!! I am sure the contract will be awarded to Pittman. We all saw their good fast work with the 278 project!! Also there was around $500,000 allocated for round abouts where are these BOC?


John 3 years ago

I believe the other roundabouts that are planned are funded through the GDOT as they are on state roads, not county roads. Not certain if NC has to share a small percentage of the total cost.


Choprdoc 3 years ago

I think the intersection of hwy 36 and henderson mill road is worse than 142 and 81. Something really needs to be done about it!


inthemiddle 3 years ago

The state wants to knock down Henderson's Restaurant to redo the intersection. That will be a sad day in Newton County.


PaperChase 3 years ago

Will she appropriate the money right? NSP??? LIENS??? Why did she lawyer up???


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