Letter: Sorry to see end of Sheriff Wigington's term

It has been my privilege to serve as a volunteer chaplain with the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office for the past 10 years. I have served the sheriff, our deputies and their families, and the employees of the department during these 10 years. During this time I have had numerous opportunities to observe Sheriff Jeff Wigington as he led our department in difficult times. I have prayed with him behind closed doors, concerning matters of great importance.

During these 10 years we held a prayer breakfast and devotion every other Friday for our deputies and employees who wanted to attend. If in town, Sheriff Wigington attended and very seldom would miss a Friday. In seeking to provide spiritual help for his deputies and staff, he provided me an office that I could use for counseling purposes. During these years I have watched him handle several difficult situations with several deputies, and he has always guided in a very caring and compassionate way.

During these 10 years of being able to observe Sheriff Wigington from an insider's position, he has many qualities that I have come to appreciate. The most impressive quality Sheriff Wigington has, I believe, is the importance he places on his family. He is one of the busiest men I know, and yet, his family has always been his priority. Sheriff Jeff Wigington is a man of integrity, not only in serving as Sheriff of Rockdale County, but in all areas of his life. He is a great leader with a great vision and seeks the "Mark of Excellence" upon all he does.

I am deeply saddened that he will no longer serve as sheriff of Rockdale County. He has led the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office for these past sixteen years and has done an outstanding job. However, I shared with Sheriff Wigington that we serve a mighty God who is in complete control of our lives. When He closes one door, He always has another one for us to go through.

Thank you, Sheriff Jeff Wigington, for the privilege of serving as your chaplain for the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office. It has been a blessing. I pray for Eric Levett who was elected to become the new sheriff of Rockdale County. May he continue to lead this great department with the integrity and vision you have led with these past 16 years.

-- Howard Greer

Senior Chaplain

Rockdale County Sheriff's Office