LETTER: Welch, staff to be congratulated

The Rockdale County branch of the NAACP would like to offer congratulations to Mrs. Cynthia Welch and her staff for the efficient and professional manner in which the 2012 Election process was handled.

We have, on a daily basis, seen photos of long lines and problematic election procedures in other counties. Yet, here in Rockdale County, the Board of Elections has remained professional, reliable and consistent; all under the expert leadership of Mrs. Welch. Throughout the entire process, this fine board remained unflappable in the handling of the election.

Rockdale County is indeed very fortunate to have in place a staff such as this, because although our early voting totals exceeded 50 percent, this board delivered a process that is to be rivaled by other localities.

We feel that we can truly say that, for the 2012 election process, Rockdale County reigned supreme, and we thank Mrs. Welch and her staff for making this an enjoyable election process.

Willie Gibson


Rockdale NAACP