Students transported to hospital after bus crash

COVINGTON — Multiple injuries were reported after a serious multi-vehicle accident involving a school bus on Monday morning.

A Newton County School System school bus carrying Alcovy High School students was involved in the accident on Ga. Highway 212 in front of Oak Hill Elementary School about 7:30 a.m. The Georgia State Patrol and the Newton County Sheriff's Office responded to the accident.

"A parent who had just dropped off a student at Oak Hill Elementary school apparently pulled out in front of the school bus," said Sherri Davis-Viniard, director of Public Relations at NCSS. "The school bus hit the vehicle and then went into the other lane and hit a second vehicle carrying another Oak Hill parent and a student."

A pickup truck then rear-ended a third vehicle, according to the Georgia State Patrol.

The driver of the vehicle that pulled out in front of the bus, a 22-year-old Covington woman, was ejected and transported to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment, according to GSP and NCSS. She has been charged with failing to yield while turning left.

Viniard said there were 34 Alcovy High School students on the bus, and three were transported to Newton Medical Center for treatment.

NMC confirmed that five individuals were transported to its facility in stable condition. The students and mother and child in the second hit vehicle were released as of Monday afternoon.

Due to damages the bus sustained during the accident, a second bus was dispatched to the scene to take the remaining high school students to Alcovy High. The damaged bus was taken to Georgia Truck and Trailer in Atlanta, according to Viniard.


poll 3 years ago

I have been saying this would happen for several years now. I have complained to the NCSO and nothing has ever been done. We only need a Deputy to direct traffic for 20 minutes in the morning and was told, we don't have the man power. I am glad, as far as I know, that no one was killed. Please NCSO do something.


FishyFishy 3 years ago

I hope the parent will be okay.

EVERY DAY in the morning and in the evening, vehicles leaving that school, including buses, run those stop signs. There needs to be police presence during these times.


Henrycounselor 3 years ago

Hope there were no pot brownies. Involved.


Frustrated 3 years ago

even I think that was uncalled for


gsm7476 3 years ago

Ok I do not like the leadership at the BOE but people are hurt. This is not one we should be jumping on. I hope the State patrol will come up with suggestion to improve safety in this area it is very dangerous.


Grandcanyon 3 years ago

@Henry Let's not mention the pot Brownies anymore some people Don't see humor in that. However at cady you should be saying really to the fact that Dennis Carpenter is over transportation and have had many complaints about that one particular spot where the accident happened. Why hasn't he tried to follow up on the complaints. And keep the kids safe? I will say to wrapped up in the lawsuit and monitoring someones fb page. He needs to focus on his job not his iPhone and computer screen.


Personalsavior 3 years ago

REALLY? Yes Dennis Carpenter is over transportation. Imagine that. How many complaints Have been filed? Goodness I hope the children as well as the driver of the car is OK.


CadyJackson 3 years ago

Ok Shannon. Your personal agenda against the Carpenters is wearing thin. Ok, so Dennis Carpenter is in charge of transportation. However, he is not in charge of putting up traffic lights. You should address your county commissioner.

I see the list of your "personalities" has grown, Shannon. You know, you might be taken seriously if you would just stick with one, because it is obscenely obvious by the writing style that you have at least 12 user names.

I apologize to the families of the injured for taking the focus off the horrible circumstances, and I wish a speedy recovery to you all.


ShannonBlack 3 years ago

Let me see this is the only name I go by and last time I checked none of the names on here were Kbeet, Msloy. I don't appreciate. You pointing fingers at me either cause the last time I checked I haven't said anything to anybody. Hey keep it up and I will Sue you for libel.

Oh by the way I have 3 personalities me, myself and l.


CadyJackson 3 years ago

Go ahead. Sue away....You'll get just as far as your obsession did.


CW 3 years ago

Shannon, are you a teacher?


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