John Douglas announces he's been diagnosed with prostate cancer

COVINGTON -- First District County Commissioner-Elect John Douglas has announced that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He said the disease is now in stage 1 and doctors expect after treatment he will fully recover.

"I continue to look forward to serving the people of the first commission district beginning in January and there will be no change in that status," Douglas said in a printed press release to the Citizen Monday afternoon.

The release stated that the disease was discovered in September when he underwent a routine physical and was found to have a slightly elevated PSA number.

"Several weeks later I had a prostate biopsy and on Oct. 10, I was diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer," he said. "I had two other doctors review the diagnosis (and) both confirmed the cancer."

On Nov. 7, his 59th birthday, Douglas said he had a full body CT scan which determined the cancer has not spread and his lymph nodes, organs and bones are all clear.

"After Thanksgiving I will have the radiation seeds implanted in my prostate gland and begin 30 to 35 days of radiation treatment after Christmas," he said. "My doctors are confident that we will remove the cancer and I will see little interruption of my daily routine."

Douglas went on to state that being diagnosed with cancer is a life-changing event.

"I will become a strong advocate for cancer screening and use my new position to that end. I can't overstate the importance of middle age men undergoing regular PSA tests, women doing breast exams, never begin or stop smoking now, eating health foods and getting regular exercise," he said. "We only get one body and it requires care and maintenance. You don't realize how precious it is until it may be too late."


CW 3 years ago

So glad to hear that it's in stage 1 -- very treatable and curable. My brother had this too, it was caught early, he had the same great result from the scan, had the very same radiation w/seeds treatment -- and didn't even miss one day of work. There has been no sign of cancer since then. Eight years later, he is still doing great.


dennistay53 3 years ago

Sorry to hear this Mr Douglas. I to am a cancer patient. I to was discovered to have prostate Cancer in 2006 thru a normal physical. I was 53 and would not have known without this yearly physical. I had surgery in 2006 and have been clear since and live a normal life. PLEASE ALL MEN get your yearly physical so that if you have a problem it can be caught early and corrected. This also goes for women. My wife had breast cancer in 1995 and through early detection and treatment she lives today. To many Americans die early because they don't get yearly physicals to catch cancer early. Thank you John Douglas as a political leader for coming forward with this. We pray for your full recovery.


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