Carlton Trail to get sidewalks

COVINGTON -- Residents on Carlton Trail will finally be getting sidewalks, about a decade after they first made the request.

Resident George Jefferson told the City Council at its Nov. 5 meeting that while the street's speed limit of 35 mph may not seem high, it is for pedestrians walking alongside the roadway. He said there is a constant amount of foot traffic, mostly students walking to school. Cousins Middle School and Challenge Charter Academy are located in that area. City Manager Steve Horton said Wolverine Field also draws a lot of youth and adds to the foot traffic.

Police Chief Stacey Cotton confirmed that the street is dangerous with all the pedestrian traffic.

Horton said the city's ordinance states that the city may recover its investment in sidewalks from abutting property owners. But the council indicated it did not intend to charge property owners.

Councilwoman Janet Goodman said approval of sidewalks has been delayed for that neighborhood because some neighbors were in opposition. Horton said the last survey indicated that nine out of 27 residents opposed sidewalks in front of their homes.

The council initially was set to approve the installation of sidewalks in next year's budget, but after hearing of the danger from the police chief, Councilwoman Hawnethia Williams changed her motion to "get it done as soon as possible," which the council unanimously approved. The cost is $85,824 for sidewalks, curb and gutter, crosswalks and driveway modifications. Sidewalks will be installed along the western side of Carlton Trail between Geiger Street and Villedge Drive and on the east side of the street between Villedge Drive and Moore Street.