Letter: Community support appreciated

On Oct. 4, Barbara Knowles did a wonderful local write-up regarding my husband James B. Vargo and his continuing battle with gastroparesis.

The article not only brought out the best in our community but also raised awareness. People came to our garage sales; some came to buy, some to donate and some came just to sit a while, share a prayer or a story about their own battles or someone they knew with this rare and potentially life-threatening illness.

We have just been informed that Jim has full approval to have his surgery, it will be done at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital this month.

We thank everyone for their continued support in prayer. Right now, we are still struggling with costs. The James B. Vargo Fund remains open at the Bank of America.

We are certain that God, family and community have seen us this far, and we will make it!

Thanks again to Barbara Knowles and the Newton Citizen for their wonderful support.-- Kathryn Vargo