Newton Citizen Poll for Nov. 11, 2012

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"A couple of weeks ago my board member on the BOE did an opinion piece about the Nov. 13 and Nov. 27 board meetings coming up. The Newton BOE is discussing personnel policies in section G according to the article and this is the time to go to the school board meeting at 7 p.m. and ask for a policy on nepotism. A policy on nepotism written the right way would have prevented the entire conflict of interest where Dennis Carpenter as deputy superintendent of operations and budgets and human resources manages the operations and budgets and human resources of his spouse's school, LaQuanda Carpenter. I think a nepotism policy written the right way would stop a lot of the nonsense in Newton County schools. ... . Please call the school board office at www.newtoncountyschools.org or write your board member or Gary Mathews at mathews.gary@newton.k12.ga.us and demand as the voters who fund the public schools demand a nepotism policy in NCSS. The school board is discussing this on Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. and they are voting on it on Nov. 27. Make voices heard and let's do this."

"A big thanks to (Covington Police Officer) Brian Capps for reminding the crooks that they picked the wrong town to pick on!"

"I wish to complain about how bad Clark Street looks next to the church. I drive by there every day and there is nothing but grown up weeds and brush. There are white poles in the ground and chains across what are supposed to be roads. Who is responsible for cleaning that up? Is there a zoning law to keep something like that cleaned up? I can only imagine what the residents of Clark's Grove think. That used to be a nice neighborhood."

"Kudos to the Newton County election personnel. I voted several days ago and the personnel were all pleasant, efficient and helpful. My voting time was about 10 minutes. A job well done. And on a sadder note, I just learned that Mr. Pierce Cline has passed away. I knew Mr. Cline for about 40 years and found him to be a true gentleman and a man of vision and charity. The world has suffered a loss."

Our health insurance went up 14 percent, we can put less money into our HSA to help with health care costs (tax hike), the deduction for medical spending has a higher threshold (tax hike), our personal federal taxes are increasing by over 3K next year with no income change in years (tax hike), our family's small business taxes are going to increase drastically after they were drastically increased this year (tax hike) -- and why did the American people think it was a good idea to re-elect Obama? We are a middle income family that has always worked hard to have a house for our family, food on the table, clothes for our children, and pay our bills. We are drowning!"

"As a small business owner, I am not sure who I feel sorry for more -- our employees who may not have jobs or our family members who have worked their fingers to the bones over the years to build a business and employ members of the community just to see it torn down by rising taxes and more government regulation."

"And with this election we find out that the takers have outnumbered the producers in our country and county. Sad day for America."

"So what does it all mean? Are the talking heads just making things up on both sides of the aisle? Are we not really $16 trillion in debt with over $200,000 due for each of our children under 18 to have to pay? Did our ambassador not really get killed while the White House and State Department turned the other way? Are there really more black Americans working than the 16 percent unemployment rate the Labor Department reports? Are there more women working or is that report also a farce? I don't know about the hype and all, but it seems we have a lot of people walking around with blinders on. You can blame everyone else for your faults, but sooner or later you are going to have to look in the mirror and realize that you are the common denominator."

"Nov. 6, 2012, the Darkest Day in the History of America. You people believed his broken promises from 2008 and obviously want four more years of the same, only worse. Fellow Christians, if we think our religious freedoms have been attacked so far, get ready. His agenda is clear. He protects Muslims and we are the infidels. Middle class -- hold on -- higher taxes are coming and soon. Who do you think is going to pay for all these people who think the government (message from Obama) should take care of them, since they think the world owes them a living, rather than work? This country is only interested in self-gratification (look at television, movies, videos, magazines and even sports ads). America is becoming Sodom and Gomorrah 2. Reap what you sow. God's wrath is inevitable. We have brought this on ourselves."

"My comments are on the newly-elected president. My opinion is it is pitiful. The 64,000 that voted for Victor Hill probably makes up the ones who voted all over the U.S."


Satan69 3 years ago

Wow well all's I will say is that nepotism must be stopped it has made a bad example out of newton county in more ways then 1.


Freshvoice2012 3 years ago

Just my opinion but if your wanting Gary Matthews to do anything you will be waiting an awfully LONG TIME.


MamaTurd 3 years ago

To the caller or writer in regards to Obama you have a point, broken promises among numerous things. I think what irritates me more then anything are two things he doesnt salute our flag he is supposed to be an american President. The other thing is I believe that he could have saved the two Navy Seals having help not far away, then he apologizes to his people not us . What a shame that is.


Chambermaid 3 years ago

In all fairness yes a nepotism policy needs to be written now? The longer we wait the longer NCSS is going to suffer. However if your waiting on Gary Matthews to write it then go ahead and wait. But it may be a long long wait.


suerprincipal 3 years ago

Lets see nepotism is an ugly thing and starts a lot of problems within a school system . Some people don't seem to think that it matters. So we need to get stuff in order and get a policy written ASAP. I think at the next BOE meeting we should voice our opinion.


CBSfinder 3 years ago

NEPOTISM must go !!!!!


Frustrated 3 years ago

I bet even if they write a nepotism policy they will grandfather in the Carpenters. Im sure they will find some way to get around it.


eyewitness 3 years ago

I have already contacted my board member about a new policy to prevent situations going forward like the LaQuanda Carpenter and Dennis Carpenter conflict and was told even Matthews has referred to it as a conflict and tried to correct it. If my input is not passed alonjg tonight I will show up on 11/27 to be heard. I ask the paper to ask all 5 board members how they view the nepotism at Alcovy High where Dennis oversees his wifes budget and HR. Put them on the record.


CW 3 years ago

You were "told even Matthews has referred to it as a conflict and tried to correct it"? If he can't correct it, who can? This is an unmitigated mess. Should have been nipped in the bud, to quote good old Barney Fife.


Freshvoice2012 3 years ago

@Frustrated you are probably right. Unless a bunch of us write an email to the pr person or come to a board meeting and express How they feel about the nepotism policy being in place it isn't ever going to get done. I see your point and it is a good point.


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