Letter: Praise for Board of Elections staff

Kudos to our very fine Board of Elections staff for pulling off probably the best-run election process in this nation. I have no doubt that this opinion is shared by all residents of Rockdale County, regardless of their party affiliation.

Since arriving in this county, I have been impressed by the degree of professionalism exhibited by the staff of the board. They are always helpful and indeed quite knowledgeable as it relates to the election process. A look at the AJC, NY Times, Baltimore Sun, Washington Post and LA Times (all of which I read daily) will tell you that while other locales have had a challenging time during this period, our board has not only weathered the storm but risen above it. It was nothing short of brilliant to have voters start in two lines in one area of the building and move to another area of the building where the actual voting occurred. Keeping it moving allowed the voter to be in constant motion toward the voting booth. Talk about a smooth process!

Mrs. Cynthia Welch and her very fine staff did a phenomenal job! As a resident and voter in this county, allow me to extend my gratitude. Job well done!

Jacquiline Johnson-Dickson