77-year-old man charged after holding teen trespassers at gunpoint

COVINGTON -- A dangerous situation was diffused by Newton County deputies Saturday evening after two teens were caught by a property owner riding 4-wheelers without permission on his property, according to the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

Public Information Officer Deputy Courtney Morrison said the NCSO first became involved when one of the teens notified his mother that he and his friend were being held at gunpoint by the property owner. Both of the boys are 15-years-old.

"The mother calls 911 dispatch and then grabs her handgun and goes to the scene. On the way, she picks up a friend. When they arrive, they see a man pointing a rifle into the woods," Morrison said. "The mother then points her handgun at the man and tells him to drop his gun which he refuses to do. They then engage in a physical altercation and the female fires two rounds off into the air. The man then took the gun from her, knocking her to the ground."

Morrison said at that point, the mother and her friend run into the woods where they join the two boys and stay there until deputies arrive.

Deputies determined the man to be the "primary aggressor." Arrested was Damus Oscar Mullinax, 77, of 851 Cochran Road who was charged with pointing a gun or pistol at another and simple battery.

"We definitely don't advise anyone to initiate a confrontation. Somebody can get hurt, or worse, killed," Morrison said. "You should call 911 and get a deputy to respond."

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