Newton Citizen Poll for Nov. 4, 2012

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"Darrell Huckaby bragged in one of his columns about committing voter fraud to vote for Reagan twice. He then admitted he would like to vote twice in the upcoming elections. How many people have reported him to the Georgia Secretary of State for voter fraud?"

"Liens on NSP homes? Really folks these are federal funds that were apparently used incorrectly. Craig said it himself. We've got allegations of missing club funds at Alcovy High School. City council members filing ethics charges on each other. A school board chair who is embarrassing to educators and a BOC member who reports to jail and now this? Where is Hunter Hall squawking about this and his precious little Baxter that he has no business taking any credit for -- started long before you came around .... What does Nancy Schulz have to say about the NSP liens? ... Sounds like Craig thinks federal funds were misused and if so is that a federal crime? Cook Road grand jury smells an NSP rat so is this why there was such a push for a county manager? ..."

"I was calling about the comments in the Oct. 28 poll about Darrell Huckaby's columns. I think Darrell Huckaby just writes the truth. He's one of the few media people who will just tell you the truth. I have no problem with his columns. He's right on the money. If the truth bothers you, you should just deal with it. I wish him good mental health and hope he continues to do what he does so well."

"I was calling about the Georgia-Florida game. I believe there was less sportsmanship in that game than any game I've ever seen. It reminded me more of a wrestling match than anything else."

"In Newton County, I understand no elected official is supposed to have anyone who is kin to them working in their office. I understand Linda Hayes, clerk of the Superior Court, has her daughter working for her."

Editor's Note: The county's personnel policy states, "The county may hire relatives of current employees if the new employee does not work in the same department as the current employee. Where two current employees become relatives during their employment within the same department, the last hired employee will be transferred to another department if a position is available. Where no suitable position is available, the employee's Hearing Official shall make a determination as to whether the employee shall be transferred or otherwise removed from the particular provision. This provision shall not apply to present employment situations at the time of the adoption of the policy unless the employment of relatives creates a disturbance in the workplace."

The hiring date on file for Marcy Hays Wilson, employed as a service technician in the Superior Court Clerk's Office, is Sept. 28, 2009; the personnel policy was approved in 2006. However, Linda Hays said, "Ms. Wilson has done contract work for my department and has been employed part-time for a number of years. When she initially started working in my department, the county policy on the employment of relatives permitted it so long as there was not a direct supervisor/subordinate relationship. As I was not, and have never been Ms Wilson's direct supervisor, her position was in compliance with County policy. Ms. Wilson was working for the county part time in 2006 when the new policy was adopted. As provided by the policy, this is permissible so long as there is not a disturbance in the workplace. Due to her familiarity with the department and satisfactory employment history, Ms. Wilson was moved into a full time position with the county on September 2009, as reflected by the hire date you mention; however, as this was the continuance of a present employment situation and her employment had not created a disturbance in the workplace, there have been no policy violations." County Manager John Middleton said "Constitutional officers are directly elected by the citizens to their respective offices. They not only make their own hiring decisions, but are fully responsible and accountable for the operation and administration of their office, personnel decisions, and management of the annual budget."


ThePublicGood 2 years, 4 months ago

I find the allegations of missing taxpayer money or monies at Alcovy High School disturbing to me. Did I read a letter in this paper once that LaQuanda Carpenter dismissed her attack on the public and said she welcomes a full investigation? Well do it yourself if so. I think it should be done. There are complaints over 3 years about club money and trip money from Golf, CTI, band, FBLA, Deca and there have been balances in some of our accounts that cannot be explained when no one raised any funds yet and missing balances in others that cannot be explained and Chorus is another one. Why can't we just either find someone innocent or guilty of these accusations and put it to rest that would show the teachers and bookkeepers and staff that there are some kahunas in the NCSS. There is a lot of smoke here so we need to know if there is any real fire. I would want to get it done myself if it was on my watch and instead of sending email blasts out to the whole faculty about some lawsuit tell us the conclusion of the FULL money investigations at Alcovy High School while LaQuanda Carpenter was principal. We know when requisitions are approved and no money is in the balance that something is a little crazy is shuffling going on is money missing or is it just smoke let us know.


livingart 2 years, 4 months ago

If this employment of mother/child is border line or in question, why not put employee in another department. If one thought that this would cause a controversy about family working with/for employer - why push it. I am sure there are other employees of the county that really need jobs.


Kornbred 2 years, 4 months ago

Well, I don't think the Sheriff's Department got the memo about the Nepotism rule. Better check on it!


MamaTurd 2 years, 4 months ago

I do not see the missing funds as alleged iou n's I only say it because the minute. The violation came out hours the law suit is dropped. Come on I definitely think there are thing s being covered up.


Satan69 2 years, 4 months ago

Maybe get Stephanie Lindsey to help you on the allegations


Covingtonian 2 years, 4 months ago

Still crying? Give Alcovy and the rest of us a rest please!


Tairuna 2 years, 4 months ago

@covingtonian Alcovy gets a rest Friday on Quans last day.


Satan69 2 years, 4 months ago

@Kornbread I completly agree they probably lost the memo. Ha.

@covingtonian as long as mentions Alcovy in the poll someone is going to comment on it, but let me tell nobody is crying we are commenting and furthermore you have a choice whether you read it or not, now if you post your to read it. It sounds like your a little to butt hurt about Alcovy everytime it is mentioned. SO tell me who is crying? Not me.......


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