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Cal Thomas: Egg on Face(book)

The old maxim "There's a sucker born every minute" can be amended in the Internet age. Today, there's a sucker born every second.

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Darrell Huckaby: Jingles, slogans were advertising gems of years gone by

I came up during the period when modern pop culture was transitioning from radio to television and, at the time, producers and advertisers were treating the newfangled boob tube like a radio with picture.

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Jeff Meadors: Search for quality education leaves public schools out of the equation

From Michigan to Oregon to Newton County students are opting out of public schools and dollars are joining them. Now you see them; now you don't.

Social Circle selects Elbert principal as next superintendent

The Social Circle City Schools Board of Education has approved Dr. Todd McGhee as its next superintendent.

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Holloway named Nurse of the Year

Brenda Holloway, LPN, has been named the Covington Rotary Club's Nurse of the Year.

Covington's Team Pinkalicious holds family fun day Saturday

Team Pinkaliciious offers family fun day at Walmart to raise funds for breast cancer.

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Summer 'Do

Sokithia Shy and Qaiserah Sharif visited Covington's Academy Springs Park in order to find a quiet spot for Shy to work her magic with Sharif's hair. These yarn braids, which have a lot of staying power, take Shy about two hours to do for her friend Sharif who is looking

'Weight of Nation' documentary available on web

Local health departments offer "The Weight of the Nation" on website.

City approves water rate hike

Covington officials approved a water rate hike.

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Thomas saw Invasion of Normandy, frontlines in France, Belgium, Germany

World War II veteran recalls the Invasion of Normandy.