Eastside track star making winning routine

Dallas WorthyJr. from EHS

Dallas WorthyJr. from EHS

COVINGTON -- For just being a junior, Eastside's Dallas Worthy is quite experienced with the feeling of being a champion.

Worthy won the Class AAA state championship in the 400-meter run with a time of 55.92 seconds at the GHSA Girls State Track Championship. This year's championship medal will join the one she won last year as part of the 4x100 relay championship team.

One thing for sure, Worthy knows how to peak at the right time. She won the Region 4-AAA championship with a time of 57.07. Her time improved at the Class AAA West Sectional as she had the fastest time again with 56.91. At state, Worthy took a little more time off, winning her heat with a time of 56.39.

Even though it's always nice to win, Worthy also knows that there's a price for being a favorite as she can feel her opponents staring her down with an "I'm going to chase you down and try to catch you" look.

Besides being a constant winner, another aspect which makes Worthy different on the track is that she does not use starting blocks.

"I don't like them that much," she said. "I've worked on them a little bit and I do want to try working with them next year."

Just like any other runner, Worthy has a routine she likes to follow. She starts out with a couple of laps around the track with a few run outs to get the feeling of starting the race. Once she's done her routine she'll sit down until they call the runners to the starting line. Since she doesn't use starting blocks, she'll stand there waiting and thinking while the others get in the blocks.

"When they're getting in the blocks I shake around to get loose then I'll think about the track thinking that the faster I get started the faster I get done," said Worthy. "I always think if they could hold off the gun and let us stay there for a while, not do anything and not go. But when I hear them say "get ready, set" I know it's time to run."

Less than a minute later after winning the state championship, the first thing she thought about was her next race.

"I thought I'm done and I can go sit down for a couple of hours before the 4x4. I was excited and happy and like I actually won. I can't believe it," said Worthy.

Worthy also won medals as a member of the 4x100 and 4x400 relay teams. Joining teammates Charlene Anderson, Dormecia Gilbert and Tamara in the 4x100, they took fifth place with a time of 48.31. As a member of the 4x400 team with Zaria Barton, Deanna Gayle and Gilbert, they came in third 3:35.68.

Having won medals as an individual and as a part of a team, Worthy said she prefers to run with others rather than an individual.

"I feel there's more pressure only because I feel more comfortable running with a relay team and having my teammates with me," she said. "But I do like it because it is an individual event."

With another year to go in high school, Worthy is already setting her goals for the near future.

"Next year, I hope to continue doing well in the 400, 4x1 and 4x4. Hopefully, I'll bring home more than one (championship) medal," Worthy said.

"I'm not looking at colleges like I should be, but I've gotten a couple of letters from LSU and Georgia Southern."