Newton Citizen Poll for May 6

"Harry Truman said, 'The buck stops here.' Well, Dr. Mathews the buck now stops at your desk. This school system has much larger problems than whether a principal has had her feelings hurt over some citizen comments. This Carpenter situation has caused a huge distraction in a school system that is struggling to improve its credibility. It would be better for all concerned if the Carpenters did not have their contracts renewed. With all the animosity in the community, how can Mrs. Carpenter be an effective principal? From what I can tell, the bulk of the problems exist because Dr. D. Carpenter is in effect his wife's boss. This has been a conflict of interest from the beginning and should have never been allowed. So put on your big boy pants, replace these two people, and let's get back to improving the education of the children we entrust to you."

"Perhaps the Carpenters should file a class action suit against all the citizens of Newton County since most of us have complained about them. Newton County has replaced Clayton County as the laughingstock of Georgia because of this situation. We have a high school that is an embarrassment to the county, a school board member who is trying to place a gag order on another member during an illegal meeting, an assistant superintendent who is his wife's boss, and now a principal who is trying to sue those who criticize her. If Jackson, Miss., hires this duo in light of all this, they deserve what they get. If this school system is to be salvaged, Dr. Matthews needs to do some serious weeding out. It was just announced that Baxter is locating in this area and bringing in 1,500 jobs. With the Newton Schools in such deplorable condition, I don't see these people wanting to live in Newton County. We used to have decent schools in Newton County. Please, Dr. Mathews, make them that way again."

"I was calling about the black man's coment in the Sunday, April 29th, poll about how sorry some are. I couldn't agree with him more. I think that's one of the best comments I've seen in the paper in awhile."

"Mitt thinks that people like him, successful people with lots of money should be admired. Corporate raiders contributed to the mess we now find ourselves in, but we should admire them. He also believes something's gotta be done about government employees who make a decent wage. Those people, our neighbors, relatives and friends, are making too much money. After lots of non-government wages have been driven down to barely enough to make ends meet, then it's said that teacher's wages are too high (who believes that)? What middle-class person could vote for someone like this."

"In New York last year, city police conducted nearly 700,000 'stop-and-frisks,' and 87 percent of the people stopped were black or Hispanic. About 12 percent of the stops led to arrests or summons. When charged with the same crimes as whites, blacks are more likely to receive harsher sentences. Researchers have found that whites are more likely to imagine that harmless objects (phones, keys, candy bars, wallets), when held in the hands of black people, are guns or other weapons. As the 1999 killing of Amadou Diallo in the Bronx demonstrated, implicit bias and subconscious racism can have deadly consequences. All things being equal, black children are also more likely to face suspension, be stigmatized as "special education" or find themselves placed in lower educational tracks than their white peers. In the housing market, racial minorities were offered riskier and more expensive mortgages than whites -- even when their credit scores were identical or better, etc. etc. etc. One cannot help but wonder. Tavis Smiley says African Americans are always auditioning; I say they never get the benefit of the doubt."

"It what seems like a misunderstanding that spiraled out of control, we now learn that you can get arrested and have your guns confiscated in Newton County for trying to look out for your neighbors. District Attorney Layla Zon and Sheriff Ezell Brown have a lot of explaining to do on how Robert and Brandon Canoles could be arrested and have their guns confiscated for trying to protect the property next door to them. Why did the six responding deputies believe there was enough evidence of wrongdoing to arrest Jean-Joseph and Angelica Kalonji in the first place? Why did they apparently thank the Canoles for their efforts to protect their neighborhood as the Kalonji's were hauled off to jail? Why did the Sheriff's department lie to the Canoles to get them to bring themselves and guns to the Sheriff's Department, 'to answer some questions' when, in fact, they were being set up for arrest and gun confiscation? The answers to all these questions seem to be that the Canoles are in jail because our DA and sheriff jumped on the political correctness bandwagon as fast as they could to avoid an incident like happened in Florida with Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Now two innocent men whose only crime was getting involved face multiple felony charges. The bottom line? In Newton County we all say get involved, be observant, watch for suspicious activity and if you do anything about it, you go to jail. The message to most folks is turn your head next time you see a potential crime, our DA and sheriff are watching you rather than the criminals. And if DA Layla Zon and Sheriff Ezell Brown think this problem is tough to handle, wait until they try to find a jury in this county that would convict Robert and Branden Canoles. And by the way, both are up for re-election this year."

"So nice to see what our tax dollars support! A Covington police officer in a marked city police car on duty in uniform on Friday at yard sales. Way to Protect and Serve ... "

"The Old Man would like to talk about politics this week. I know that we aren't suppose to bad mouth or cheer for any candidate and I am not going to. In fact, it is so hard to do since all of them look alike. I know that people get on the TV and bad mouth and I guess that is OK. A lot of the newspapers show so much bias I sometimes think I live in another country. It is so great that we can talk about our president or about our congressmen and not be put before a firing squad or sent to a prison in which we never return. Now if they would all get together and work on a way to do something for the majority of the people. As I read and see and talk to others I am finding that so many congressmen can't keep their pants zipped up, they have a lot of friends called lobbyists. I am afraid that they don't have many ideas of their own and must depend on the lobbyist to set them straight. Remember, congressmen are part-time employees who have many perks that the average man does not have. After they retire whether that is in four years or 20, they get a big fat pension that we pay for. Then some college or university makes them president and if they retired from the service they can double dip. Now this does not relate to all of them. I am sure that there are a few out there that really are trying to earn their money. Usually the media does not pick up on this. It really isn't that sensational. Oh, they might attend ribbon cuttings or awards banquets to take pictures or get statements but there are few and far between. They would rather stick a mike and camera in your face and then take what is said out of context. I am sure there are some good and sincere newsmen and women out there, too, but we are guilty of not really listening to them. Not enough sensation. No matter what I write or what I say, I will always love this country. This is a wonderful country and please politicians don't ruin it. Good Bless America! I've got a lot of topics to talk about. Don't know if any of these are read but it sure makes me feel good to know I can do this and still stay healthy."

"It is Monday 04.30.12 and the Citizen's Poll has yet to be published for Newton and Rockdale. According to your notice it is supposed to be published on Sundays -- it is wake up time once again!"

"Anyone else think it is odd that the Newton High School teacher was charged with DUI within 48 hours of being pulled over yet the student at Eastside High School who crossed the line and killed someone has yet to be charged?"

"The letter last week's poll about Obama supporting the Muslims and slapping Israel in the face. That makes it obvious that he is not a Christian as he proclaims because no true Christian would would support Islam. Islam is out after one thing and that is total control. They are not out to destroy only the Jews but according to their 'Holy Book' they are to befriend those who are not Muslim and if they can't be converted they are to be killed. Y'all need to wake up. The Muslims have pretty much taken control of Europe and are getting a good foot-hold in the United States. We need to forget about political correctness and be more concerned about our future. The country was founded by God-fearing people. The first Congress was populated by a majority of people in the ministry. The Word of God was the basis for teaching in our first universities. When the first Congress met, they began with a prayer. It lasted for three hours. Like I stated, the United States was founded upon the principles set forth by God, and his name was not Allah, it was Jehovah. Wake up and be aware of who you are rubbing elbows with. Be aware of who your daughters are dating because if Islam can't take us over by force, one of the leaders said that they will take us over by marriage. May God bless America."

"In October, 2008, Obama announced if he won the presidency, he would immediately begin the fundamental transformation of the United States of America. Over the past three and a half years, he and his accomplices in Congress have been hard at work installing their statist changes. Sadly, the radical assault on the Founders' dream by the Obama administration is reaching a fevered pitch as we approach Election Day 2012. Far from being the most transparent and ethical administration in American history that Obama promised, he and his circle of advisors have covertly done more to destroy the constitutional restrictions on the power of the executive branch than any of us could have imagined. I feel this is going to be one of the most intense, negative and divisive election seasons in American history. The advent of the Occupy Movement and promises of a massive involvement of radical labor organizations are just two factors that should cause each of us to pray for God's intervention in the 2012 electoral process! We must believe that 2012 will herald the return to moral sanity for America. We must stand together to pray and work with the strength God provides. We have clear choices when voting our values. Our shared values compel us to vote for the person who will best advance them. The choice is clear, we must quit despising the good while waiting for the perfect -- who doesn't exist! If we can't get excited about a person or a party, we must get excited about our values and vote for the person who more closely exemplifies them. This November, we all have a moral duty to elect leaders who will advance our shared core values. Pray -- then vote. God will help you make the right decision."


John 3 years ago

To the guy ranting about New York profiling, etc. etc, etc. It seems to me that you have taken the seat in Reverend Wright's congregation that Pres. Obama occupied for 20 years but vacated when it got too hot in the kitchen.


HonestAbe 3 years ago

To the one talking about the Covington cop going to yard sales in marked car. In this county with high crime i wonder how much of what she is buying is stolen goods, I wonder if she went to the yard sale i did where they were selling counterfit movies.


huckfinsbuddy 3 years ago

What is it with you people who complain about when the Poll is posted -- are you paying for it? No it's free and if they post it on time or later what can possibly be the difference to you -- so it's a day or 2 later so what -- some people just got to complain about anything--


John 2 years, 12 months ago

hey huckfinsbuddy, I agree with that complainer on the late poll postings. The Newton Citizen states clearly that they will post the polls on Sunday (used to be Saturdays) this is their commitment to their readership. If a professional news company (or anyone) cannot not live up to any commitment then don't overload your behind with you lips (or printed words). Obviously, an act of God is an acceptable excuse. If they can't live up to what they state they will do then don't state they will. - then their slip won't be showing.


Silverbullet 3 years ago

huckfinnsbuddy is complaining about people complaining


HonestAbe 2 years, 12 months ago

Be careful because someone might sue you for complaining about huckfinnsbuddy complaining about people complaining. Of course i am now complaining about you complaining about huckfinnsbuddy complaining about people complaining so does that make me a complainer ?


huckfinsbuddy 2 years, 12 months ago

took the words right out of my mouth


HonestAbe 2 years, 12 months ago

I'm just glad we have a poll. I hope someone doesn't sue us to stop this poll. You know we complain a lot (for good reason) about what is going wrong in Newton County. We do have good stuff going on such as the relay for life. As a family with 3 cancer survivors ( myself, wife and son-in-law ) this is very important to us. Also the special olympics. I have a challenged brother who looks forward to this every year. Unlike the real olympics it is not about who wins at all cost. They have so much fun and you don't have to worry about steroids. .


SC1925 2 years, 12 months ago

How do you know the officer was on duty. Don't they get a lunch break? Did they just get off work and stopped by a yard sale on the way home? It's petty that you care if someone spends 10 min to stop by a yardsale.


dennistay53 2 years, 12 months ago

I like yard sales. Yard sales are good and you can buy at yard sales without having to pay tax. (oops- Now they will probably start taxing yard sales. Why can't i just learn to keep my mouth shut?)


mustardandbiscuit 2 years, 12 months ago

Really! At least he's out in the community mingling with the customer instead of sitting behind a desk, staring at a computer and nodding off.


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