Baxter incentives could top $200 million

COVINGTON — A firm figure on the total state and local incentives package offered to Baxter International to locate in Stanton Springs is hard to come by, given the variables at play, but the amount could top $200 million.

The initial incentives estimate from the state of Georgia was released as $78 million, but that estimate does not include incentives that are offered for all companies that locate in the state and meet eligibility requirements said Alison Tyrer, director of communications for the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

All told, incentives from the state could be as high as $126 million, while local incentives could be more than $100 million.

On the local level, a 15-year real and personal property tax abatement program could amount to a $94 million savings. The deal includes a five-year abatement and a 10-year phase-in of taxes. At the end of the abatement period, the property will be taxed at its market value and the four counties will begin receiving tax revenues once the 10-year phase-in begins. The counties will divide revenue based on their share of ownership in Stanton Springs, according to Alan Verner, chairman of the Joint Development Authority. Newton and Walton counties each have a 37.5 percent share, with Morgan County holding 15 percent ownership and Jasper 10 percent.

In addition, $7.9 million is offered for construction of a wastewater pre-treatment facility that will be constructed on site. The funding will be provided through a combination of loans and grants, according to information provided by Verner.

The Newton County Water and Sewerage Authority has committed to provide the needed supply of 1 million gallons of water per day to Baxter, and will contract with the city of Covington to provide sewer service. A sewer line is located within the park but will need to connect with a new line to run to the City of Covington Water Reclamation Facility, according to Verner.

Electricity already exists along Stanton Springs Parkway provided by Walton EMC, but additional power needs will be put out to bid by the company and they will choose the provider, Verner said. There are no gas lines in the park; a similar bid process will take place for that service.

All local plan review fees, permits and inspection fees and impact fees will be waived, totaling about $650,000, and water and sewer connection fees totaling about $613,000, will also be waived.

In addition, the director of planning and development in Walton County will oversee the design and construction process for expedited permit processing; the JDA could issue industrial development revenue bonds with low interest financing to the company; use of a temporary office space would be provided during construction; and Stanton Springs Parkway or another street of the company’s choice could be renamed.

On the state level, incentives could range between $80 million and $126 million. State incentives include:

• A project development grant of $13.75 million, with $2 million for construction of the wastewater pretreatment facility and $11.75 million for site acquisition, purchasing of manufacturing and training equipment, parking lots, exterior lots, exterior lighting, fencing, interior roads, landscaping, and other site development costs, according to documentation supplied by the Georgia Department of Economic Development. Those funds would be distributed to the Joint Development Authority for reimbursement to Baxter for costs.

• A quality jobs tax credit for creation of new jobs at a higher than average wage for this area is estimated at $28,104,000, and a jobs tax credit at $4.7 million.

• Sales tax exemptions could vary heavily, with the exemption for sales and use tax on machinery and equipment ranging anywhere from $27.2 million to $60.5 million. An additional sales and use tax on energy carries an estimated value of more than $1.3 million and an exemption on construction materials is estimated at $2.5 million.

• The state is investing $14 million in a training facility to be located on site and $150,000 for a recruitment site that will be in place for two months. Georgia Work Ready will provide a value of nearly $1.5 million in services, including assistance with training and education costs.

A state coordinator will be assigned to assist Baxter in implementing the terms and conditions of the agreement at no cost to the company for two years.

The numbers could change as more details about the project emerge and are subject to numerous variables, Tyrer said.

“We feel that the incentives available to Baxter are very appropriate in light of the higher-than average pay anticipated for this community; the potential for the company to create more than 1,500 jobs in Georgia; and the milestone it represents for the state to grow the bioscience industry in Georgia through its workforce capabilities and the cluster effect we believe Baxter’s location will create,” she said.

Baxter will employ 1,500 and has already begun posting job announcements for engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance and project management positions. Those interested can visit www.careers.baxter.com. Local officials have estimated the average salary paid by the company to be about $60,000.

Asked how the incentive package compares to others, Tyrer responded that the Georgia Department of Economic Development seldom keeps information regarding past incentive packages on hand.


HonestAbe 3 years, 6 months ago

Wow. 100 million dollars locally. 10 years before they start paying tax? Taxpayers from the 4 counties having to foot the tax burden until they start paying, The jobs sound great if they are going to the taxpayers in the 4 counties who will footing the 100 million. Just hope it's not another Bell tronics (remember that deal?)How are the Newton county taxpayers going to be able to foot the bill for this free infastructure until the jobs and taxes start coming in?We won't know because the meetings are closed to the public and press. I see no way that property taxes can't go way up, at least short term to pay for it. Really hope it works out though because we need the jobs.


jjhayden3rd 3 years, 6 months ago

I didn't remember reading anywhere that the Baxter employee would be tax exempt from local and state taxes and fees. I expect that a good part of the $90 million per year in salsries will be spent loaclly. That will have a significant impact on local tax and fee collection. J.J. Hayden


HonestAbe 3 years, 6 months ago

You need to read again. a 15 year real and personal property abatement (94 million). Since when , in Newton county has an increase in sales tax revenue lowered property tax. I have lived here 30 years. Never have i seen passing of a SLOST lower property tax. The homestead exemption has been $4000 the entire time while other counties and even Porterdale has gone to $10,000 or more. Also you need to read my entry again. I said nothing about Baxter EMPLOYEES not paying tax. The company will not be paying tax for 5 years with another 10 year phase- in. I'll ask again. The plant will not be running for few years. They will not pay any property tax for 5 years and less than full for 2 more years. I would assume that Newton County Property owers will be footing the bill much sooner. How can this be done without HUGE property tax increase at least in the short term?


HonestAbe 3 years, 6 months ago

Baxter recorded a profit of $588 million in the last quarter, and now the struggling taxpayers of these 4 counties to give them at least $100 million in incentives that we know of without even getting the full details? We sent boys to deal with giants.


trusslady 3 years, 6 months ago

Welcome to the corporate owned government, where money is extorted on the promise of jobs, that will never compensate for the tax breaks. I'm willing to bet that the promised number of jobs won't materialize and Baxter will leave as soon as they can extort more tax savings from somewhere else, that is if our government does succombe to the blackmail of their moving if we don't give them more tax breaks to stay.
Can you tell I'm jaded?


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