ON THE BEAT: Chicken can be dangerous for your health

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

A woman called the Covington Police Department to say a man had injured her the night before and she couldn't stand the pain any longer. She told them a man at her house snatched a bowl of chicken soup from her and elbowed her in the ribs. This caused her to fall against the stove, knocking it out of place. She was taken to the hospital. Her boyfriend, who was a partial witness to the incident, said he heard an altercation and saw the woman "go flying through the air," knocking the stove out of position. The man accused of the assault denied it and said, "I did not hit her. All I did was snatch the bowl of chicken soup out of her hands. I do not know how she got hurt." He went to jail charged with battery.

-- Sometime back a woman went to jail after assaulting her nephew for "putting chicken in her rice and she did not want chicken in her rice," according to a CPD incident report. The woman told officers she had gone to the store and purchased some specific items with her food stamps. She wanted some instant mashed potatoes and rice with chicken. However, she emphasized that she did not want her chicken and rice mixed together and her nephew "came along and put chicken in her rice and it caused her to become very upset."

The nephew admitted that he mixed the chicken and rice together which caused his aunt to go "ballistic," picking up the pan of rice from the stove and throwing the hot rice on him and hitting him in the face with the pan which chipped his front tooth. He said his aunt then grabbed a knife and threw it at him. The police officers found the knife stuck in the kitchen wall, broken plates on the floor and hot grease and rice poured out on the floor, walls and countertops. The aunt was charged with battery under the Family Violence Act.

Just relax now

A woman was seen by an NCSO deputy driving erratically. It was obvious to the officer that the woman was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. It turned out to be both. She said she had taken Xanax, Hydrocodone and a muscle relaxer. She washed them down with "a couple of glasses of wine." She was taken to the hospital and later to jail.

Goldilocks lives

A man who is watching a house for the owner who is out of state reported to the NCSO that he found the living room window open and the window locks damaged. He also observed several items out of place and that the bed had been made up in the master bedroom with sheets from a closet. "He stated it looked as though someone slept on the bed," the NCSO incident report states. He was unable to tell deputies if anything was missing from the house.

Mama, come get me!

A man went to CPD headquarters to report an incident with his girlfriend. He explained they had a "volatile relationship," which was frequently on-again, off-again. During a recent time when they were back together, an argument erupted and the girlfriend began slapping the complainant and throwing things at him, a few of which struck him. He said he called his mother to come and pick him up and while he was on the phone, his girlfriend stated she was going to have him killed and that "he was going to get got." The mother overheard this and immediately went to get her son. He wanted to take out a restraining order.

Some good news

While attempting to steal a furnace out of the attic of an empty house, the NCSO reports the thief apparently fell through the ceiling. He left and wasn't able to take the furnace with him.

Locked out of own house

A woman reported that someone had damaged her front door by drilling screws into it to keep it from opening, as well as jamming the locks. The culprit then wrote, "Nope" in black ink across the front door. On the basement door, the words, "Hi, Tubby!" were written and on the back door, the locks were removed so no one could enter.

Unwanted gift

A woman called the NCSO to report that when her son and daughter-in-law got married, she gave them a dining table as a wedding gift. The bride did not like it and brought it back to the mother-in-law and placed it in her basement. When the wedded bliss ended, the daughter-in-law was told she was unwelcome at the son's mother's home; however, the dining room table has now gone missing from the basement. The mother-in-law found the table at her friend's house who stated she purchased it from the daughter-in-law. Consequently, the mother believes the daughter-in-law came into her house and took the table. It seats two and is valued at $125.

Surprise visit

A woman called the NCSO to say a couple of her friends whom she hadn't seen in quite some time dropped in for a visit. She said she left them alone in the living room for a couple of minutes and when she returned, they said they had to be going. After they left she found her wallet missing. It was found empty under the coffee table.

Just celebrating love

On Feb. 14, CPD officers were asked to check out suspicious activity in the parking lot behind Five O'Clock Somewhere. They found a red truck, occupied by two men, and observed them "making furtive movements within the vehicle." The officers reported smelling a strong odor of cologne and when asked why they were using so much cologne, one of the men replied, "Because it's Valentine's Day." Once the cologne smell dissipated, the odor of marijuana burst through. A small bag containing some of that infamous green, leafy substance was found.

Eat more beefCPD officers were called to a local car wash when a customer complained that his antenna had been broken off at the base from his vehicle. The manager of the car wash contended that since there was an item attached to the antenna, they were not responsible. The item was a plastic Chick-fil-A cow.

How could that happen?

A father reported to the NCSO that someone had come inside his residence and stolen a set of $2,500 tires and rims from his son's bedroom.

-- A woman called the NCSO to say $175 worth of items from Frederick's of Hollywood had been stolen from her mailbox.

-- A woman called the NCSO to report in the process of moving out of a residence, several household items were stolen, as well as an easily identifiable object worth $30. It is described as a "long Samurai sword with a black plastic handle with an angry monkey face that got smacked with a shovel."

Beware of extension cords

Snapping Shoals EMS reported to the NCSO that they had discovered a resident was borrowing power from her neighbor who lived across the street. The two had an extension cord running across Georgia Road. They were told to unplug it and get it off the public roadway.

Gave up without a fight

A man was stopped for DUI after CPD officers observed him driving "all over the roadway." When they had him exit the car for a field sobriety test, he was only able to hold up his foot for about 25 seconds. The man then told officers, "I fail. Take me in!"

Just the basics

A 70-year-old man was caught attempting to leave the Kroger store on Ga. 20 with $9 worth of Hillshire Farms sausage and a $21 beef roast in his coat pockets and a $4 package of Mozzarella cheese in his pants pocket. He told the store manager he didn't know why he did it.

-- A woman apparently felt she had successfully gotten away with shoplifting at a Ga. Highway 20 Dollar General store and returned to take more. This time employees called the NCSO and she was arrested with $4 worth of Crest toothpaste on her.

-- A burglar broke into a house and took the microwave and a toaster oven, as well as several quart bags from the refrigerator which were filled with pecans. The thief didn't take all the pecans, but left the homeowner several bags.


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Barbara, This stuff is hilarious. You could not make up anything more bizarre PS: I think your name may be misspelled in your credit line, unless your name is really, "BARABARA". "By Barabara Knowles (2)"


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alcovy chicken is really bad for you - OUCH that hit me in my nepotism


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I bet most of these are Alcovy High graduates. ON TODAY my chicken soup is dangrass for me


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