LETTER: County should reconsider closing Clothes Closet

I have been a resident of Rockdale County for six years. I am a taxpayer.

I have been volunteering at the Rockdale Community Clothes Closet for about three years. I decided to start volunteering there because I had a desire to help the community, and I needed clothes for my family. Because I am pursuing a college education, I can only work part-time. Funding my education has been difficult. The Clothes Closet helped me clothe myself and my children through these difficult years. It has also given me so much more than clothes. Through working with the community I have learned many things. I have learned to appreciate my life. I have learned to have sympathy for others. I have seen firsthand how much small acts of kindness can help and inspire others. I have watched mothers humbly find clothes for their children. I have witnessed extreme gratefulness when families received Christmas gifts. I have felt my own burdens lift when finding a coat for my children to wear during winter.

I was devastated to learn the county would no longer fund this organization. Many questions have burdened my heart for the last few days. Questions such as: How will I have the funds to clothe my children? Where will the shelters go when they need clothes? How many people will suffer from this loss? How will I feel when I no longer have the company of the compassionate volunteers I have grown so close to? How will underprivileged families get school supplies, Easter baskets, Christmas gifts, and household items?

I am more than happy to pay the taxes to fund this wonderful organization. I can only pray Rockdale reconsiders this decision to shut it down. I can assure you it is needed. The thousands of families that receive aid from the Clothes Closet every year need it.

—Sheila Arrington